Ethereum price is trading below important resistances against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH must break the $138 and $140 resistance to avoid a sharp downside reaction in the near term.
- Mar 20th 4:08 am
Binance is launching its first fiat gateway in Australia. Binance Lite Australia will allow an extremely easy and absolutely secure way to buy BTC using cash. The initiative is said to strengthen crypto adoption on the continent.
- Mar 20th 1:31 am
Two major online retailers will now support payments in Bitcoin and a list of other top cryptocurrencies. Crypto acceptance continues to grow! ...
- Mar 19th 11:00 pm
Crypto markets are seeing a tint of green, with just a few top coins in the red. Bitcoin is hovering over the $4,000 mark.
- Mar 19th 9:58 pm
Ethereum prices bullish above $135 Joseph Lubin expects prices to rally Volumes low, dropped by half in the last week Weeks after retrenching staff,
- Mar 19th 7:00 pm
With the recent hard forks addressing ETH's scalability concerns and the SEC offering some clarity on whether it's a security, Ethereum may see a bull run.
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- Mar 19th 6:32 pm
Bitcoin has risen above $4,000 on significant trading volumes of some $10 billion as sentiment appears to be changing. The oldest and biggest digital currency has been rising from a...
- Mar 19th 6:05 pm
A Japanese company has launched a ERC-20-compliant stablecoin that is pegged to the U.S. dollar and supported by major Ethereum crypto wallets.
- Mar 19th 5:12 pm
One month before the stablecoin official offering, USDDex team decided to launch an additional stage of sale that starts from March 19 on the official USDDex site and allows investors to get a 45% bonus.
- Mar 19th 5:00 pm
Cryptocurrency fund manager Stefanos Papanastasiou is about to be brought to court by his clients over alleged losses.
- Mar 19th 3:44 pm
Ethereum, along with Bitcoin, is awaiting movement away from a local accumulation zone. Either way, broader market structure is not currently threatened.
- Mar 19th 2:20 pm
Whatever crypto you have, we’ll take, seems to be the message of Switzerland’s biggest online retailer with yearly revenue of circa $1 billion, Digitec Galaxus. They receive Swiss Francs at...
- Mar 19th 1:57 pm
Despite our Ethereum (ETH) optimism, the failure of bulls to reverse Feb 24 losses three week after print out is negative. In that case, ETH short-term bulls should continue loading up in lower time frames with targets at $170. After that, risk-averse, conservative traders should
Ethereum World News
- Mar 19th 12:00 pm
Leading Swiss online retailer Digitec Galaxus has announced that it now accepts cryptocurrencies.
- Mar 19th 11:11 am
It is already the fourth week that buyers have decided their relationship around the price zone of $135–140. This week, buyers are trying to fix themselves above this zone but these attempts look uncertain. The fact is that after 13 March, when sellers could not update the local ...
- Mar 19th 8:29 am
Ethereum price is currently correcting recent gains against the US Dollar. ETH remains nicely supported on dips near the $133 and $132 support levels in the near term.
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- Mar 19th 8:18 am
In case Bullish pressure increases firther, it will penetrate the supply zone of $149 and may target $161 level. Alternatively, if the Bulls lose their pressure Ethereum price may continue ranging towards $134 demand zone.
- Mar 19th 6:14 am