Bitcoin price started a slow and steady rise against the US Dollar. BTC is showing positive signs and it seems like there could be an upside extension above the $4,000 and $4,040 levels.
- Mar 20th 6:30 am
Stellar Lumens was recently leveraged in IBM’s blockchain solution, World Wire, which uses the technology to help eliminate intermediaries involved in cross-border money transfers. Following the announcement, the price per lumen rose 7.3 percent. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is an open-s ...
- Mar 20th 6:11 am
Ripple price failed to stay above the 0.0000808BTC support and extended declines against bitcoin. XRP to BTC is currently under pressure and it could slide further below 0.0000780BTC.
Ethereum World News
- Mar 20th 6:07 am
The crypto market cap is currently at a risk of a downside break. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ripple, litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash, TRX, XLM and ADA could decline heavily if sellers gain control.
- Mar 20th 6:00 am
Ripple price seems to be moving into a bearish zone against the US Dollar and bitcoin. XRP/USD is likely to revisit the $0.3000 support before it could start a solid rebound.
- Mar 20th 5:00 am
Ethereum price is trading below important resistances against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH must break the $138 and $140 resistance to avoid a sharp downside reaction in the near term.
- Mar 20th 4:08 am
Digitec Galaxus AG, Switzerland’s biggest online retailer, has integrated various crypto assets including bitcoin as a payment option.
- Mar 20th 12:35 am
Bitcoin has held support at about $3,950, but will probably leave its current consolidation soon either up or down.
- Mar 19th 1:50 pm
TRX/USD is on the bearish trend on the Medium-term outlook. A low of $0.022 price level was recorded on March 12. The bullish momentum ...
- Mar 19th 7:48 am
Bitcoin price is holding an important support near $3,940 against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to make the next move either above $4,000 or below the $3,900 support level.
- Mar 19th 6:30 am
The crypto market is trading above key supports, with range moves in bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Stellar (XLM) gained traction, while BCH, EOS, ripple and tron (TRX) remain supported on dips.
- Mar 19th 6:00 am
Ripple price failed to capitalize on recent gains against the US Dollar and bitcoin. XRP/USD broke the key $0.3160 support and it could extend the current correction towards the $0.3080 level.
- Mar 19th 5:00 am
Ethereum price is slowly moving into a bearish zone against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH is now at a risk of a bearish reaction if it fails to climb above the $140 hurdle.
- Mar 19th 4:08 am
EOS price climbed higher after forming support near the $3.25 level against the US Dollar. EOS is currently placed nicely in a positive zone and it could extend upsides versus USD, BTC and ETH.
Ethereum World News
- Mar 19th 3:34 am
We are now entering the sixth month of the seemingly never-ending bearish market that has become the new norm within the crypto world. Regardless of whether you see this current market as a market correction, a new phase in crypto, or something in-between, the reality is that we ...
- Mar 18th 8:00 pm
A millisecond makes millions of dollars worth of difference. Connexus Cloud and institutional investors are laying the foundations for institutional involvement in cryptocurrency.
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 18th 7:16 pm
Enjin Coin (ENJ) on Monday traded at $0.211, up 25% from the market open. Earlier today, the crypto asset was trading at as low as $0.165.
- Mar 18th 12:36 pm
Crypto may be breaking out of a bear market lull, but one analyst claims that Bitcoin (BTC) still needs to surmount $4,400 to confirm a move higher.
Ethereum World News
- Mar 18th 12:30 pm
What role can AI play in fintech? How can Artificial Intelligence be applied and what in-roads has the technology already achieved? Learn more here.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 18th 8:26 am
Analyst Awaits Bitcoin Breakout Each and every day, the cryptocurrency market trades. More often than not, it seems to move in a random manner, with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, or whatever other flavors of the week...
Ethereum World News
- Mar 18th 7:11 am