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The cybersecurity agenda remains one of the main concerns that prevent financial institutions and users in general from adopting cryptocurrencies ...
Ethereum World News
- Feb 16th 1:03 am
Ripple remains focused on evolving as a company with a better product every day and does not let statements from ...
Ethereum World News
- Feb 16th 12:04 am
Despite the crypto markets trading mixed today, analysts now expect Litecoin and Ethereum to see increased selling pressure in the near future.
- Feb 15th 11:00 pm
XRP has held relatively strong after JP Morgan released its own crypto asset. Yet, some argue that the Wall Street move will hurt Ripple in the long-run.
- Feb 15th 10:00 pm
As has become customary in the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets, Friday evenings often yield some surprising momentum. Although the past few days have been somewhat bearish, no one really expected the XRP price to decline further. That is what has happened af ...
- Feb 15th 8:50 pm
Some experts predict the downfall of tokens with no clear use cases, while touting Bitcoin as a clear winner in the long run.
- Feb 15th 8:34 pm
In a stunning about-face from their previous attitude to crypto, JP Morgan have released their own stablecoin. How will direct competitor RIpple (XRP) cope? ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Feb 15th 8:11 pm
Crypto markets continue trading sideways, Bitcoin keeps holding its weekly momentum.
- Feb 15th 7:50 pm
The national post service of the small European country of Liechtenstein has confirmed it will now offer Bitcoin (BTC) sales as part of its product range. The national post service of the small European country of Liechtenstein has confirmed it will now offer Bitcoin (BTC) sales
- Feb 15th 7:00 pm
The advent of cryptocurrencies in the global market has triggered a lot of changes in how people do business. Industry players focusing on ...
- Feb 15th 6:48 pm
Yesterday, the largest bank in the U.S announcced that it would launch its crypto. What effect will the JPM Coin have on the industry? ...
- Feb 15th 6:06 pm
Ripple price edge lower Brad Garlinghouse says bank issued currencies doomed to fail Transactional volumes low JPM Coin is a bank-issued coin, but it will ...
- Feb 15th 6:00 pm
By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex On Feb 15, the XRP is moving up slightly, trading at $0.3089. Over a few weeks, the crypto has been forming a triangle, still without testing either the resistance or the support. The MACD is however moving up, which makes the res ...
- Feb 15th 5:23 pm
Bitcoin prices ranging with clear supports at $3,400-500 zone JP Morgan and Chase rolls out a stable coin, JPM Transactional volumes average 10k, not ...
- Feb 15th 5:00 pm
Ripple's XRP and Tron [TRX] technical analysis for 15th February 2019. Things aren't so rosy for Tron and XRP post-valentine days as both form bearish trend continuation patterns.
- Feb 15th 4:29 pm
Token.io has announced a partnership with Mastercard to develop an "open banking hub," connecting European retailers with financial services.
Crypto Briefing
- Feb 15th 3:56 pm
A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts expected Ripple (XRP) to decline significantly after JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon announced their new JPM coin.
Crypto Daily
- Feb 15th 3:30 pm
Terry Duffy said that until governments start to accept cryptocurrencies, it will be very difficult for major commercial banks to get involved.
- Feb 15th 3:11 pm
JPMorgan is already facing severe criticism from the cryptocurrency industry just a day after it announced it would launch its own token, ‘JPM Coin.’ JPMorgan is already facing severe criticism from the cryptocurrency industry just a day after it announced it would launch its own ...
- Feb 15th 3:00 pm
A cryptocurrency exchange based in Finland has recently claimed that XRP is not a cryptocurrency and that it is heavily centralised by its parent company Ripple.
Crypto Daily
- Feb 15th 3:00 pm
After a corrective wave, it is likely that Tron (TRX) prices will bounce back from current lows as bulls of late Dec trigger buyers back into action. Combined with favorable fundamentals and technical candlestick arrangements, first target is at 4 cents a ...
Ethereum World News
- Feb 15th 2:45 pm
The company behind the third largest cryptocurrency (at the time of writing) XRP, Ripple has recently announced that they have introduced a major network upgrade of its XRP ledger version 1.2.0.
Crypto Daily
- Feb 15th 2:30 pm
American fintech Ripple Labs has released a major software upgrade for its XRP Ledger which has been labeled version 1.2.0. In an official company blog post (published on February 13th), Ripple noted that its servers have been upgraded - in order to automatically detect attempts ...
- Feb 15th 2:20 pm
Jamie Dimon may have called Bitcoin a "fraud," but JP Morgan launched their own 'crypto asset' on Thursday. Here's why they did it, even while Dimon hates.
- Feb 15th 2:09 pm
One of the major bank JPMorgan Chase has now come up with its own so-called stablecoin JPM Coin that it plans to use for its [...] ...
- Feb 15th 1:44 pm