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Multiple respondents have filed comments with the U.S. SEC on the latest proposed rule change for the VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF.
- Mar 20th 9:51 am
Winklevoss Capital partner Sterling Witzke spoke to Cointelegraph about the future of stablecoins, regulatory clarity in U.S. and a fair price for Bitcoin ...
- Mar 20th 2:30 am
Jeremy Allaire, the co-founder of Circle Internet Financial, a Boston, Massachusetts-based finance company “built on blockchain technology and powered by cryptoassets,” has argued that as the crypto market continues to grow and evolve, there will likely be increased stablecoin ad
- Mar 20th 2:20 am
While many crypto enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting a Bitcoin ETF, the public isn ...
Ethereum World News
- Mar 20th 1:12 am
The Canadian Securities Administrators and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) have jointly proposed a framework for Lawmakers in Canada have proposed a framework for cryptocurrency exchanges that would halt short selling and margin trading.  ...
- Mar 20th 1:00 am
Major U.S.-based bank Silvergate added 59 new crypto customers in the fourth quarter of 2018.
- Mar 20th 12:47 am
A report published by the Brookings Institution and authored by Harvard University fellow Timothy Massad calls for improved regulation of cryptocurrency. Massad, who served as chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)...
Ethereum World News
- Mar 19th 11:08 pm
A recently published report from former CFTC chairman Timothy Massad has called for better regulations on crypto assets.
- Mar 19th 9:13 pm
At the SXSW Blockchain Conference, SEC Senior Advisor Valerie Szczepanik explained how regulation can ultimately boost the cryptocurrency space, and may turn the tide on the year long crypto winter.
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 19th 7:32 pm
With the recent hard forks addressing ETH's scalability concerns and the SEC offering some clarity on whether it's a security, Ethereum may see a bull run.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 19th 6:32 pm
Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire is not shy to admit the negative impact that the bear market that has on his business. However, he is confident that his firm will weather the storm and pull through.
- Mar 19th 4:59 pm
While the crypto-community is eagerly waiting for ETF approval, many orthodox Commodity and Exchange Fund traders have expressed their disapproval for the ETF. On February [...] ...
- Mar 19th 4:15 pm
A consultation paper asks 22 questions and requests comments from crypto stakeholders about what regulations would best fit in the unique, new cryptocurrency marketplace.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Mar 19th 3:42 pm
BitGo clients will be able to hold their BCAP assets using qualified and regulated custody service BitGo Trust Company.
- Mar 19th 2:35 pm
Tencent and the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau have issued electronic invoices based on blockchain via a mobile payment platform.
- Mar 19th 2:17 pm
In this op ed, CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou argues that "anonymity contributes to cryptocurrency’s notorious volatility and makes it that much less likely that digital currencies will become stable stores of value." ...
Bitcoin Magazine
- Mar 19th 1:49 pm
Japan, arguably the world's leader in cryptocurrency regulation, is set to drop more rules on the industry by capping leverage trading on cryptocurrency ...
- Mar 19th 11:00 am
In this edition of The Daily we cover the resumption of trading on the hacked New Zealand exchange Cryptopia, the American digital assets industry's ...
- Mar 19th 10:55 am
Québec’s financial markets regulator has asked investors in Blockchain Lab to come forward.
- Mar 19th 10:11 am
The US SEC is soliciting industry input as it potentially reconsiders existing custody rules for investment advisers regarding crypto.
- Mar 19th 9:27 am
A surge of CNY has been flowing back into the digital currency economy after the Shanghai Composite saw a 24 percent gain this week.
- Mar 19th 4:45 am
The Cabinet of Japan has reportedly approved new regulations in regard to cryptocurrency margin trading.
- Mar 19th 12:55 am
Lobbying on blockchain and crypto has reportedly grown on K Street, having tripled over the past year.
- Mar 18th 11:05 pm
Overstock.com will seemingly delay the sale of its retail wing, the profits of which it can purportedly use to support its crypto and blockchain portfolio companies.
- Mar 18th 10:40 pm
One notable Bitcoin (BTC) bull is now claiming that the 2018 bear market was the direct result of overall weakness in the emerging markets.
- Mar 18th 10:00 pm
VMC, a blockchain-based mobility startup, announced its new security token offering using the Stellar blockchain.
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 18th 9:15 pm
Digital assets continued in recovery mode for the past week, with all major cryptocurrencies ending the week with gains.
- Mar 18th 7:50 pm