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Winklevoss Capital partner Sterling Witzke spoke to Cointelegraph about the future of stablecoins, regulatory clarity in U.S. and a fair price for Bitcoin ...
- Mar 20th 2:30 am
The Canadian Securities Administrators and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) have jointly proposed a framework for Lawmakers in Canada have proposed a framework for cryptocurrency exchanges that would halt short selling and margin trading.  ...
- Mar 20th 1:00 am
A report published by the Brookings Institution and authored by Harvard University fellow Timothy Massad calls for improved regulation of cryptocurrency. Massad, who served as chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)...
Ethereum World News
- Mar 19th 11:08 pm
A recently published report from former CFTC chairman Timothy Massad has called for better regulations on crypto assets.
- Mar 19th 9:13 pm
Global crypto exchange giant Binance has announced that it will be helping to facilitate the sale of Bitcoin in Australia at real-world locations. The ...
- Mar 19th 9:00 pm
At the SXSW Blockchain Conference, SEC Senior Advisor Valerie Szczepanik explained how regulation can ultimately boost the cryptocurrency space, and may turn the tide on the year long crypto winter.
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 19th 7:32 pm
With the recent hard forks addressing ETH's scalability concerns and the SEC offering some clarity on whether it's a security, Ethereum may see a bull run.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 19th 6:32 pm
A consultation paper asks 22 questions and requests comments from crypto stakeholders about what regulations would best fit in the unique, new cryptocurrency marketplace.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Mar 19th 3:42 pm
BitGo clients will be able to hold their BCAP assets using qualified and regulated custody service BitGo Trust Company.
- Mar 19th 2:35 pm
In this op ed, CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou argues that "anonymity contributes to cryptocurrency’s notorious volatility and makes it that much less likely that digital currencies will become stable stores of value." ...
Bitcoin Magazine
- Mar 19th 1:49 pm
As the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches, blockchain and AI are starting to be used by companies together, rather than separately.
- Mar 19th 1:06 pm
Japan, arguably the world's leader in cryptocurrency regulation, is set to drop more rules on the industry by capping leverage trading on cryptocurrency ...
- Mar 19th 11:00 am
Gemini Exchange founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, known for their advocacy of crypto as digital gold, have explained their… ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 19th 4:55 am
A surge of CNY has been flowing back into the digital currency economy after the Shanghai Composite saw a 24 percent gain this week.
- Mar 19th 4:45 am
On Monday, March 17, 2019, the United Arab Emirates Banks Federation (UBF) and the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)… ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 19th 4:24 am
The crypto elite are hiring bodyguards, but that may change once the industry becomes more legitimate.
- Mar 19th 1:20 am
The Cabinet of Japan has reportedly approved new regulations in regard to cryptocurrency margin trading.
- Mar 19th 12:55 am
Yuedong, a village located in China’s Wenzhou region, stands out from the other villages by its engrossment with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This has made Yuedong a huge tourist attraction with a growing number of crypto enthusiasts making the trip to witnes ...
- Mar 18th 6:16 pm
We have seen several reports over the past months describing how different countries are looking to regulate cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
Crypto Daily
- Mar 18th 4:00 pm
ICO fundraising figures continue to slide downwards in 2019. Cryptocurrency token sales are down almost 90 percent from the figures obtained 12 months ICO fundraising figures continue to slide downwards in 2019. Cryptocurrency token sales are down almost 90 percent from the figur
- Mar 18th 2:00 pm
The Australian government is rushing to become a global leader in the blockchain industry. As announced recently, the Federal government of Australia is developing a [...] ...
- Mar 18th 12:58 pm
In this edition of The Daily we feature two countries that want to promote their positions in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. In the UAE a top ...
- Mar 18th 12:45 pm
After major consolidation for a long time, Bitcoin has finally passed its crucial resistance of $4000 over the last weekend. Analysts predict major recovery this year in Bitcoin price.
- Mar 18th 12:34 pm
The current bear market is what crypto needed. But the next bull run will almost certainly be different from all previous ones; how can you prepare for it? ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 18th 11:22 am
With the XRP payment plugin submitted by Jesper Wallin, WooCommerce users can accept XRP as a means of payment. The integration with WooCommerce is one of the enormous efforts made to reach mainstream adoption of XRP.
- Mar 18th 10:28 am
Decentralized Finance envisions a future where traditional banking services are offered through a decentralized network and enforced using smart contracts.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 18th 10:03 am