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Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, who often has some bullish remarks to make about the cryptocurrency market, has offered a prediction… ...
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- Mar 20th 6:49 am
Binance’s token sale platform, Binance Launchpad, has just executed its third ICO launch for the Celer Network (CELR). The… ...
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- Mar 20th 6:03 am
Bloomberg reports that the co-founder of QuadrigaCX, Michael Patryn, is actually convicted criminal Omar Dhanani, who was charged with… ...
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- Mar 20th 5:39 am
Trading analytics platform The TIE has released a report that reveals that nearly 90% of trading volume on cryptocurrency… ...
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- Mar 20th 5:14 am
Japan’s GMO Internet Group, an internet company that provides several internet-related services, has released the results of a survey… ...
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- Mar 20th 5:05 am
The latest version of the Bitcoin.com wallet allows users to manage digital assets and provides people with the ability to switch between the BTC and BCH.
- Mar 19th 11:38 pm
Two major online retailers will now support payments in Bitcoin and a list of other top cryptocurrencies. Crypto acceptance continues to grow! ...
- Mar 19th 11:00 pm
A recently published report from former CFTC chairman Timothy Massad has called for better regulations on crypto assets.
- Mar 19th 9:13 pm
Stellar’s native cryptocurrency coin Lumens (XLM) recently surged in price by as much as 11% in the wake of… ...
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- Mar 19th 9:03 pm
With 2 South Korean businesses - Kakao and Samsung - integrating their products with crypto wallets, South Korea stands at the forefront of the crypto boom.
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- Mar 19th 8:34 pm
Bitcoin Press Release: Midas Protocol, a universal wallet is bringing accessibility and security for all its users in the blockchain sphere. March 18th, 2019, Singapore – At the heart of Midas ecosystem, Midas Protocol is a universal wallet created for everyone, from new users to ...
- Mar 19th 7:05 pm
Craig Wright, most known for his spurious claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has either suspended or deleted his Twitter account after being pestered by bots.
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- Mar 19th 6:50 pm
With the recent hard forks addressing ETH's scalability concerns and the SEC offering some clarity on whether it's a security, Ethereum may see a bull run.
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- Mar 19th 6:32 pm
Ontology (ONT) seeks to make blockchain tech accessible to businesses, and in Q1 2019 they announced exciting partnerships with ParityGames and GoWithMi.
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- Mar 19th 6:00 pm
France's Digital Economy Minister, Mounir Mahjoubi, clarified a government blockchain roadmap that will provide state money to incentivize development.
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- Mar 19th 5:24 pm
Galaxus, Switzerland's largest online retailer, announced in a press release that they will support payment in Bitcoin (BTC) and other major cryptos.
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- Mar 19th 3:59 pm
Hi Jenny. Please introduce Bytecoin to our readers. Well, as you’ve probably heard, Bytecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies and the first untraceable coin to be created based on CryptoNote technology. From the beginning, we have been industry pioneers in terms of security, ...
- Mar 19th 3:55 pm
Binance announced the final results of the fundraising event for Celer Network. According to it, the entire sale was completed in a little over 17 minutes, raising the project’s hard cap of $4 million worth of CELR tokens.
- Mar 19th 3:49 pm
As crypto awareness widens across the globe, major market players began accepting it as a means of payment. Switzerland’s largest online retailer, Digitec Galaxus has [...] ...
- Mar 19th 12:58 pm
featured – The cryptocurrency market is gaining steam. There’s no doubt about it. 2017’s astronomical rally had entered crypto into the mainstream and people are aware of it. However, the period ever since has shown the industry’s downturn. While cryptocurrencies can make y ...
- Mar 19th 12:49 pm
Leading Swiss online retailer Digitec Galaxus has announced that it now accepts cryptocurrencies.
- Mar 19th 11:11 am
Wietse Wind, after posting a 3000 XRP bounty has finally find a way of integrating XRP in WooCommerce. This exposes XRP to demand from 3.3 million users powering their online stores with the platform.
Ethereum World News
- Mar 19th 10:00 am
When JPMorgan Chase revealed that they would launch their own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin, it was met with ridicule and… ...
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- Mar 19th 7:57 am
It appears that Visa is getting into the cryptocurrency game, after many years of discussion about how cryptocurrency would… ...
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- Mar 19th 6:28 am
CoinMarketCap has revealed a new metric on its site — and it’s not Bitcoin that’s top in this regard.… ...
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- Mar 19th 5:28 am
Computing giant IBM, which has carried out several initiatives in blockchain technology, is collaborating with 6 banks to allow… ...
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- Mar 19th 5:14 am
Gemini Exchange founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, known for their advocacy of crypto as digital gold, have explained their… ...
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- Mar 19th 4:55 am
A surge of CNY has been flowing back into the digital currency economy after the Shanghai Composite saw a 24 percent gain this week.
- Mar 19th 4:45 am