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Huobi’s selective token listing channel Prime is said to be officially launched on March 26. The first token to be listed will be TOP, the native token of a distributed communication network TOP Network.
- Mar 20th 9:49 am
Pakistan’s own national celebrity and humanitarian Wakar Zaka has told Bitcoin News that his project, TenUp, played a key role in both informing the government about the technology and rousing a significant pressure group among the country’s population in favor of cry ...
- Mar 20th 9:44 am
On April 6th and 7th, VC’s, funds, emerging projects, key talent, and executives from traditional finance throughout Asia and around the world will gather for one of the biggest blockchain events in Tokyo, Japan. TEAMZ Blockchain Summit is a gathering that brings together the sma ...
- Mar 20th 8:17 am
Winklevoss Capital partner Sterling Witzke spoke to Cointelegraph about the future of stablecoins, regulatory clarity in U.S. and a fair price for Bitcoin ...
- Mar 20th 2:30 am
Jeremy Allaire, the co-founder of Circle Internet Financial, a Boston, Massachusetts-based finance company “built on blockchain technology and powered by cryptoassets,” has argued that as the crypto market continues to grow and evolve, there will likely be increased stablecoin ad
- Mar 20th 2:20 am
Major U.S.-based bank Silvergate added 59 new crypto customers in the fourth quarter of 2018.
- Mar 20th 12:47 am
Kakao’s fintech arm Dunamu is reportedly launching a blockchain service platform designed to help companies start businesses.
- Mar 19th 11:02 pm
Quadrigacx co-founder Michael Patryn is actually a convicted criminal who went by the name Omar Dhanani,
- Mar 19th 9:40 pm
During the past few weeks, we have witnessed an awakening and the price surges of another new developed Altcoin season, which is here. The IEO is The new ICO: Those are Initial Exchange Offerings on designated platforms inside the crypto trading exchanges, which are currently gen ...
- Mar 19th 9:09 pm
Bitcoin Press Release: PrepayWay AG opens up new opportunities for international crowdfunding. Participants can get involved from the 19th of March. March 19th, 2019, Switzerland  – People from different parts of the globe have an opportunity to contribute to the equity of the Sw ...
- Mar 19th 9:05 pm
At the SXSW Blockchain Conference, SEC Senior Advisor Valerie Szczepanik explained how regulation can ultimately boost the cryptocurrency space, and may turn the tide on the year long crypto winter.
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 19th 7:32 pm
OnMiners S.A. is launching a new generation of endothermic cryptocurrency mining rigs that promise high power but low energy consumption while reducing OnMiners S.A. is launching a new generation of endothermic cryptocurrency mining rigs that promise high power but low energy con
- Mar 19th 7:00 pm
FIS, a fintech company that provides software for payment processing and other services mostly to banks, is buying Worldpay (WP), which makes technology that underpins credit card and other transactions for e-commerce merchants.
- Mar 19th 6:17 pm
Ontology (ONT) seeks to make blockchain tech accessible to businesses, and in Q1 2019 they announced exciting partnerships with ParityGames and GoWithMi.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 19th 6:00 pm
Major banking software company Avaloq joins over 400 companies around the world in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance ...
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 19th 5:52 pm
As investors and professionals in the growing decentralized tech space conduct their due diligence, the team behind any given project should be one of the most important considerations. More often than not, the strength, perseverance, and ingenuity of a team is the best indicator ...
- Mar 19th 5:27 pm
A Japanese company has launched a ERC-20-compliant stablecoin that is pegged to the U.S. dollar and supported by major Ethereum crypto wallets.
- Mar 19th 5:12 pm
Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire is not shy to admit the negative impact that the bear market that has on his business. However, he is confident that his firm will weather the storm and pull through.
- Mar 19th 4:59 pm
QuadrigaCX’s co-founder Michael Patryn is allegedly formerly known as Omar Dhanani, who operated a credit card fraud scheme in 2002.
- Mar 19th 4:41 pm
Founded in 1921, Avnet is one of the oldest major American electronics companies. On March 19, 2019, it announced that customers will be able to pay for goods and services using bitcoin and bitcoin cash via BitPay.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Mar 19th 4:08 pm