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Lisk has been described as "over-marketing" its blockchain, by hyping its project before building its flagship sidechain tool. What next? ...
Crypto Briefing
- Jan 22nd 8:21 pm
A few weeks after the PACTE law, which will regulate the crypto-asset industry in France, is voted, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit will gather 3,000 French and international professionals of the industry. The summit will be the flagship event of the Paris Blockchain Week. The g ...
BTC Manager
- Jan 11th 7:00 pm
Companies do not have to choose between security and utility tokens. A dual-token model preserves functionality as well as legal compliance.
Crypto Briefing
- Jan 9th 5:18 pm
The goal of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit is to showcase the French regulatory framework and ecosystem in order to: ...
- Jan 9th 5:00 pm
There’s no denying that blockchain is the future of the Internet. That’s why it’s critical for academic professionals to develop curricula around the tech and bring more qualified specialists into the sphere.
- Dec 26th 11:37 am
In today’s edition of The Daily we feature a very successful funding round for a developer of a well known cryptocurrency-powered game. We also report on a famous early entrepreneur in the Bitcoin space who is now accused of stealing money in order to buy Maserati cars, big power
- Nov 5th 11:20 am
This article about the DApp Revolution was written by Heidi Yu. Heidi is a serial entrepreneur, influencer, marketing evangelist, and AI enthusiast. Heidi founded BOOSTO.io, a decentralized app store that returns power to creators and makers.  If you can dream it, a decentralized ...
- Oct 4th 7:30 pm
William Mougayar
William Mougayar
Author of the best-selling "The Business Blockchain"
Author of the best-selling "The Business Blockchain", the first detailed book on the blockchain ecosystem, and its future. He is the producer of Token Summit, which is an in-depth exploration of the Token-Based Economy. He is an advisory board member at the Ethereum Foundation, as well as Coin Center.