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Winklevoss Capital partner Sterling Witzke spoke to Cointelegraph about the future of stablecoins, regulatory clarity in U.S. and a fair price for Bitcoin ...
- Mar 20th 2:30 am
Gemini Exchange founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, known for their advocacy of crypto as digital gold, have explained their… ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 19th 4:55 am
Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin predicted this week that blockchain will make up more of the global economy in the coming decades.
- Mar 18th 2:44 pm
Most of the top cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are reporting slight to noteworthy losses on the day as Bitcoin Cash sees gains.
- Mar 18th 2:17 pm
The Winklevoss twins say that crypto will ultimately usher in something greater than the social networking era.
- Mar 18th 9:26 am
Contrary to their Gemini billboard slogans, crypto doesn't actually need rules, clarified Cameron Winklevoss. Instead, it's companies that deal in The Winklevoss twins have clarified that it's not crypto that needs rules per se, but companies that deal in cryptocur
- Mar 17th 10:00 am
Global social trading platform and multi currency broker eToro published a report on Zcash, and its unique model of "Selective Disclosure" and deemed it one of the leading privacy tokens.
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 16th 6:03 pm
The Winklevoss twins recently explained that the crypto hype at the South by Southwest conference signals just how fast the industry is growing.
- Mar 15th 10:00 pm
Cryptocurrency industry is currently going through trust issues, according to Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.
- Mar 13th 12:25 pm
At the SXSW Conference, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss give their thoughts on BTC and crypto in general, explaining why they are pro-regulation and pro-trust.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 12th 10:02 pm
Billionaire Bitcoin investors and founder of the Gemini Trust Company, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are the forerunners of the Bitcoin industry. Their conviction towards ‘decentralized economy’ [...] ...
- Mar 11th 1:04 pm
The Winklevoss Twins say that regulation will strengthen trust in the industry and help return bitcoin prices to previous levels.
Ethereum World News
- Mar 9th 12:45 pm
Once again, the Winklevoss twins are out on the road evangelizing about the need for trust and regulation in the cryptocurrency space.
- Mar 9th 11:00 am
Setl, a Credit Agricole-backed blockchain startup based out of the United Kingdom, has filed for insolvency.
- Mar 7th 2:29 pm
A world-renowned economic historian who was previously skeptical on Bitcoin now thinks that it has a bright future.
- Mar 7th 2:00 pm
Cryptocurrency lending firm BlockFi has recently launched a cryptocurrency deposit account that offers its users over 6% a year in compound interest, as it lends cryptocurrencies to borrowers to generate revenue.
- Mar 6th 12:52 pm
Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, led by American rowers and Internet entrepreneurs – Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are on bulletins again. As per the latest report, a [...] ...
- Feb 23rd 8:37 am
BTG, the largest investment bank in Latin America, is launching its own security token ReitBZ backed by Brazilian distressed real estate assets to allow international investors a new way to enter the country’s real estate market.
- Feb 22nd 7:24 am
Put your money where your mouth is! These 10 investors believe crypto will change the world and have put millions into the industry.
Invest In Blockchain
- Feb 20th 8:37 am
Blockchain and cryptocurrency research firm Diar has released a report that reveals a sizeable drop in crypto trade volumes in January 2019 for popular crypto exchanges Binance, Gemini, OKEx and Coinbase.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Feb 14th 5:17 pm
The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance will form a “token task force” in the first half of 2019 to contribute to entreprise tokenization.
- Feb 14th 4:43 pm
Zhu Fa, the co-founder of cryptocurrency mining pool Poolin, has recently claimed he sees bitcoin hit highs of 5 million Chinese yuan ($740,000) in the future, and that he believes the flagship cryptocurrency will at least be at $74,000. Other Chinese BTC bulls have claimed now’s
- Feb 14th 6:50 am
Former Wall Street hedge fund manager and popular Bitcoin proponent Mike Novogratz thinks that institutional money will start coming into the Mike Novogratz thinks that institutional money will start coming into bitcoin in the next 6 to 12 months as custody solutions are rolled o ...
- Feb 13th 7:00 pm
Chinese Bitcoin billionaire Zhao Dong predicts the crypto spring will only come in 2020, while crypto summer will not arrive until 2021.
- Feb 13th 11:23 am
Tyler Winklevoss
Tyler Winklevoss
Principal of Winklevoss Capital and Co-founder and CEO of Gemini
Tyler is the Principal of Winklevoss Capital and co-founder and CEO of Gemini, a next-generation digital asset exchange. Winklevoss has long been a bitcoin advocate and is widely noted for becoming the world's first bitcoin billionaire, on account of his initial $11M investment in the cryptocurrency in 2013.