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Popular stablecoin Tether has updated its  Terms of Service (TOS) on February 26th, once again raising questions over its dollar peg.  No One Does it Popular stablecoin Tether has updated its  Terms of Service (TOS) on February 26th, once again raising questions over its dollar p ...
- Mar 15th 7:00 pm
Anger at Coinbase's acquisition of Neutrino has increased upon learning that Coinbase's previous tracking provider was selling user data to third parties.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 4th 4:26 pm
Could Bitcoin provide a solution to the issue of banks terminating accounts as in recent examples of conservative media figures blacklsited by Chase Bank? ...
- Feb 27th 11:00 pm
Tuur Demeester, the founding partner at Adamant Capital, a bitcoin (BTC)-related investment firm, recently shared “new tools” to help investors more accurately “value” bitcoin and other digital assets.
- Feb 22nd 1:20 am
Tippin, a Lightning Network Twitter tool has crashed after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey signed up for the tool and the crypto community piled on.
Crypto Briefing
- Feb 21st 6:42 pm
Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange, has always been a major player in the cryptocurrency space. The exchange platform is said to have played a major role in the adoption of Bitcoin [BTC] in the past. However, it soon came crumbling to the floor because of a hack, resultin ...
- Feb 11th 9:30 pm
Bitcoin has been characterized as the digital gold that according to some bitcoin proponents is better at being gold than gold itself. Bitcoin is also [...] ...
- Feb 11th 3:20 am
On Monday (February 4th), Blockchain startup Blockstream announced that its new open-source "Proof-of-Reserves" tool could help centralized cryptocurrency exchanges prove their BTC balances to third parties (such as auditors).
- Feb 5th 6:10 pm
FastBitcoins.com has announced the launch of its cash-based bitcoin exchange, which includes Lightning Network integration.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Jan 28th 6:52 pm
Its been 10 years since Bitcoin’s genesis block was mined and the first transaction on Bitcoin’s blockchain was completed. In this past decade, Bitcoin has [...] ...
- Jan 22nd 3:08 pm
It has been six days since Constantinople had to be forcefully put off because of a bug. Chain Security sniffed ...
Ethereum World News
- Jan 22nd 12:30 pm
With the goal of surviving the crypto winter in order to prosper magnificently in the spring, here are our picks for three solid investment choices for 2019.
Invest In Blockchain
- Jan 21st 6:19 am
The main principle of the “Proof of Keys” was that the exchanges often hold their customers’ crypto assets in the name of storing them. The event emphasized the need for crypto holders to have control over their private keys and to possess them at will, even if the asset lies wit
- Jan 4th 9:45 am
The Proof of Keys event on Jan. 3 is essentially a bank run on centralized exchanges, which aims to reassert holder control over their crypto assets.
- Jan 3rd 10:25 pm
The total crypto market cap added $3 billion during last week, but it is still down with approximately $485 billion since the same time a year ago. Ethereum is leading the recovery after jumping 17 percent and returning to the second spot as the most valuable cryptocurrencies. BT ...
BTC Manager
- Jan 3rd 5:00 pm
A representative of crypto exchange HitBTC told Cointelegraph that reported withdrawal blocks were part of international KYC and AML measures.
- Jan 3rd 1:33 pm
Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of gross payments settlement protocol, Ripple and remittance payments platform, Stellar (XLM), recently remarked that most cryptocurrency projects are “BS." ...
- Jan 2nd 8:57 am
According to Stellar, Ripple, Mt. Gox, and e-Donkey co-founder Jed McCaleb, Tron is “just garbage." McCaleb, who forked away from Ripple to create Stellar due to personal differences with the mission of Ripple’s corporate board ...
- Jan 1st 6:00 am
On Monday (31 December 2018), Vitalik Buterin, the highly gifted Russian-Canadian computer programmer who created Ethereum (ETH), talked about some of the things he was thankful for in 2018.
- Dec 31st 4:07 pm
The whole cryptocurrency space has witnessed the clash between the founder of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, and the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. This conflict has taken a new turn with Justin Sun slyly throwing shade at Vitalik Buterin. Recently, Ethereum was at the ce ...
- Dec 31st 9:42 am
In the ongoing Mt. Gox bankruptcy case, the former CEO claimed he was innocent Mt Gox was the number one cryptocurrency exchange with 70% market [...] ...
- Dec 30th 8:42 pm
On Saturday (29 December 2018), a day after crypto analyst Tuur Demeester, Editor-in-Chief of Adamant Research and Founder of Bitcoin alpha fund Adamant Capital, took to Twitter to launch a strong attack on Ethereum (ETH), gifted Russian-Canadian computer programmer Vitalik Buter
- Dec 30th 8:12 pm
The Ethereum price is rallying, but that doesn't change the fact that it will face major hurdles to mainstream adoption in 2019.
Crypto Briefing
- Dec 30th 5:41 pm
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently issued a point-by-point rebuttal to ETH skepticism from Tuur Demeester, a Bitcoin proponent.
- Dec 30th 2:00 pm
In a series of tweets, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, made his disapproval of Bitcoin Cash ‘Satoshi’s Version’ (BSV) known, calling the new hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) a “pure dumpster fire.” Buterin’s comments were ...
- Dec 30th 7:50 am
Bitcoin Investor Issues Scathing Remarks About Ethereum Tuur Demeester, an altcoin cynic, Bitcoin proponent, and crypto investor, recently compiled his ...
Ethereum World News
- Dec 30th 1:30 am
Booming Bitcoin Subreddit As reported by Ethereum World News in early-December, the /r/Bitcoin subreddit, the de-facto hub of all online ...
Ethereum World News
- Dec 29th 10:11 pm
Ethereum [ETH], the third biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, is currently the center-point of the cryptocurrency space because of the recent comments made against the project by Tuur Demeester, the Founder of Adamant Capital. The Founder outlined the reasons he is against the ...
- Dec 29th 6:30 pm
To kickstart the weekend, we’ve curated a handful of short but compelling stories from across the crypto sphere. First up, we’ll revisit the fallout from To kickstart the weekend, we’ve curated a handful of short but compelling stories from across the crypto sphere. First up, we’
- Dec 29th 12:05 pm
Tuur Demeester
Tuur Demeester
Editor-in-Chief at Adamant Research
Tuur is the Editor-in-Chief at Adamant Research, which focuses on macro investment opportunities in the Bitcoin and blockchain space. He is an early investor in Bitcoin, and is a regular speaker at Bitcoin conferences around the world. He also cofounded the Belgian Rothboard Institute, an academic think-tank.