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The current bear market is what crypto needed. But the next bull run will almost certainly be different from all previous ones; how can you prepare for it? ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 18th 11:22 am
One venture capitalist is now claiming that one of the first widespread consumer uses of Bitcoin will be to pay for user's daily coffee habit at Starbucks.
- Mar 8th 10:00 pm
The US Marshals service has seized thousands of Bitcoin over the years. It now seeks help in dealing with its confiscated crypto.
- Mar 8th 9:00 pm
Bitcoin bull Tim Draper explains how the use of fiat or other conventional payment methods will soon be looked down upon by many businesses.
- Mar 8th 1:59 pm
Tim Draper-backed exchange Coinhako annouced support for XRP. It has also mentioned the XRP pairings that will act as a new gateway. These pairings are with SGD, IDR, and VND.  ...
- Mar 4th 9:58 am
Ari Paul of BlockTower recently argued that Facebook's blockchain asset and JP Morgan's crypto could boost Bitcoin (BTC), contrary to popular belief.
- Mar 2nd 9:00 pm
Uncle Sam's seized Bitcoin would now be worth more than half a billion dollars, if the Marshals had HODLed instead of selling their crypto.
Crypto Briefing
- Mar 2nd 6:13 pm
On Friday (March 1st), Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinhako announced that it had added official support for XRP.
- Mar 2nd 1:12 pm
The first edition of the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit in November 2018 turned out to be a monumental success – no less than 8500 people attended the event. This year, the same team is throwing a massive show in May. The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit has announced a s ...
- Feb 25th 8:40 pm
In Buenos Aires, a young information engineering student is on a one-man mission to educate the city's businesses about bitcoin.
- Feb 25th 1:20 pm
Samsung’s new smartphone will have storage for crypto private keys, and Elon Musk thinks Bitcoin has a brilliant structure.
- Feb 24th 7:02 pm
John McAfee is discussing the wager he made back in November 2017 when he predicted that bitcoin will reach a million dollars before the end of 2020.
- Feb 23rd 7:30 pm
While the results may not be apparent on the surface just yet, the crypto space is making some steady progress behind the scenes.
- Feb 22nd 12:59 pm
IBM’s head of blockchain solutions is bullish on Bitcoin and thinks that the world’s largest digital currency will reach $5,000 by the end of the year and $1 million someday.
- Feb 22nd 12:29 pm
The VP of IBM's blockchain sector, Jesse Lund, expresses bullishness for Bitcoin (BTC) saying it could hit $1 million, making for $20 trillion of liquidity.
Invest In Blockchain
- Feb 22nd 12:00 pm
America’s leading venture capitalists from claims that Bitcoin will soon knock fiat out of the game.
- Feb 21st 11:59 am
Chinese billionaire Zhao Dong says now is the time to buy a bitcoin, as you might not be able to soon, & gives thoughts on when to expect the bull market.
Invest In Blockchain
- Feb 20th 10:31 pm
Elon Musk recently stated that Bitcoin is a better transfer of value than paper money. On the week, the coin is up by almost 10 percent.
- Feb 20th 6:43 pm
The last couple of days have seen the market make a very bold move. Beginning on Sunday, the market has been able to climb from a little over ...
- Feb 20th 3:09 pm
In a dramatic turn of events, Jamie Dimon, the chief of JP Morgan Chase bashed Bitcoin in 2017 but has now allowed the bank to issue what looks like a stablecoin.
- Feb 20th 11:59 am
Six coins from the top 10 coins by 24-hour volume posted negative changes, ranging from 0.90% to 2.57%. Billionaire Tim Draper: Only criminals will use fiat money, as cryptos will hit mainstream in next few years. Russian Minister: Cryptocurrencies need not be clearly defined und
- Feb 20th 10:50 am
Billionaire Bitcoin investor Tim Draper believes the world will be buying coffee with Bitcoin (BTC) in just two years - but does not plan on selling any. Billionaire Bitcoin investor Tim Draper believes the world will be buying coffee with Bitcoin (BTC) in just two years - but do
- Feb 20th 9:00 am
Put your money where your mouth is! These 10 investors believe crypto will change the world and have put millions into the industry.
Invest In Blockchain
- Feb 20th 8:37 am
Legendary billionaire venture capitalist, Tim Draper has predicted that in the next five years, fiat currencies will only be those involved in illicit activities. According to the well-known bitcoin (BTC) bull, cryptocurrencies will achieve mainstream adoption within the next few
- Feb 19th 9:50 pm
A founder of Chinese mining pool Poolin predicted that the price of Bitcoin could reach nearly $740,000.
- Feb 15th 11:46 pm
Barry Silbert of the Digital Currency Group claims that while he's more bullish on Bitcoin than ever before, he's wary of crypto assets' long-term prospects ...
- Feb 14th 11:00 am
As we edge closer to the US SEC approving Bitcoin ETFs, heavy hitters in the financial world express confidence in BTC, and why its value stands to increase ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Feb 14th 10:15 am
Zhao Dong, a Chinese crypto and blockchain influencer and prominent bitcoin (BTC) over-the-counter (OTC) trader, has said that it’s currently a good time to buy bitcoin because “nobody cares." ...
- Feb 12th 4:20 pm
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Tim Draper
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Tim Draper has been listed as #7 on the Forbes Midas List, and #98 on the 2014 Worth Magazine 100 Most Powerful People in Finance. Draper is the founder of DFJ Venture Capital, an advocate for blockchain technologies, and was an early investor in Bitcoin.