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Will the “unconstitutional” RBI ban of cryptocurrency stand? The Supreme court has ordered the Indian government to roll out new rules and regulations in four weeks. That will pave the way for rulings.
Ethereum World News
- Feb 25th 11:58 am
Development of the Lightning Network continues apace despite the meltdown in cryptoasset prices as of late. Channels, nodes, and the amount of cryptocurrency stored on the Network are rapidly increasing in defiance of often bleak views of the industry.
- Dec 9th 7:01 pm
On what grounds were the creators of India’s first Bitcoin “ATM” arrested this October? ...
- Nov 8th 3:05 pm
Indian regulators' clampdown on crypto firms is forcing exchange Unocoin to experiment with ATMs and stablecoins to continue receiving fiat deposits.
- Oct 18th 7:00 am
Sunny Ray
Sunny Ray
Co-Founder of Unocoin
Ray is the co-founder of Unocoin, an India-based startup that aims to make it easy to securely buy, sell, and store bitcoin. He has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2013, when he directed Business Development for Buttercoin, one of the earliest cryptocurrency trading firms.