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On Tuesday, Feb. 5, the well known Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate Soupernerd announced the pre-release and testing phase of a new BCH-powered payment button. On Tuesday, Feb. 5, the well known Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate Soupernerd announced the pre-release and testing phase of a ne
- Feb 6th 7:30 pm
In BTCManager’s series titled “Earn Crypto,” readers are being introduced to a wide range of platforms, applications, and ways that they can earn bitcoin and other digital currencies as a member of the cryptocurrency community. In this article, readers will be introduced to incen ...
BTC Manager
- Jan 5th 9:00 pm
Last October, news.Bitcoin.com reported on a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payment processor called Gateway.cash. Since then the Gateway developers have added a Gateway has added a variety of features to the platform like instant web-sockets, custom audio, client-side callbacks for real
- Dec 22nd 3:00 pm
Keeping the holiday spirits up, the market has been merciful to all cryptocurrencies, as most of them have seen double-digit growth. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has emerged as the biggest gainer as at the time of press, the coin’s growth over the past seven days was 133.93%. Bitcoin ...
- Dec 22nd 7:42 am
The cryptocurrency market has been favoring the bulls for the past two days, with considerable growth seen by all top-10 coins. Bitcoin SV [BSV] is one of the coins which emerged as a strong contender in the green market. At press time, the coin registered a growth of 19.71% over ...
- Dec 20th 9:30 pm
The latest update from Money Button has informed users that the company has released a JavaScript Bitcoin Library for Bitcoin SV. The Ryan X Charles led company has stated that the new product ‘bsv’ will be a library for cryptography, key management, and transaction building for ...
- Dec 13th 8:34 am
Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) has seemingly been outperforming Bitcoin Cash ABC – which has the BCH ticker on most crypto exchanges – as the price of most cryptocurrencies keeps dropping.
- Dec 7th 3:40 pm
Weeks after the fork appeared to be settled, Bitcoin Cash risks a flippening as the Bitcoin SV price gains on the BCH version backed by ABC.
- Dec 6th 11:41 pm
Ryan X Charles,  the CEO of Money Button and a Bitcoin Cash SV proponent, stated that he was against the Bitcoin Cash mandatory replay protection, in his latest Youtube video. Recently, Calvin Ayre, the Founder of Ayre Group, spoke about the famous Bitcoin Cash hash war through a ...
- Dec 4th 5:00 am
Ryan X Charles,  the CEO of Money Button and a Bitcoin Cash SV proponent spoke about the concept wherein we don’t need to change the Bitcoin protocol to solve its problems, on his latest Youtube video. Charles remarked that the concept is that Bitcoin can be used to solve p ...
- Dec 4th 1:30 am
Ryan X Charles, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Money Button, and a proponent of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], provided insights to fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts about the Bitcoin Cash split, mining, and scaling in an interview at the CoinGeek Week conference. Charles started by t ...
- Nov 29th 8:00 pm
Ryan X. Charles, who formerly led Reddit's now-shelved crypto initiative, said that he believes Craig Wright's Bitcoin Cash fork (BSV) can reach $1 million.
- Nov 27th 12:39 am
Ryan X Charles, the CEO of Money Button and Yours. Inc spoke about his discovery of Bitcoin [BTC], in his recent Youtube discussion. He also explained the reason he chose Bitcoin Cash SV and its correlation to Bitcoin’s core. Charles stated that he discovered Bitcoin in the ...
- Nov 19th 9:30 pm
Ryan X Charles, the CEO of Money Button and Yours. Inc spoke about the reason behind choosing Bitcoin Cash SV, in his recent Youtube discussion. The CEO also clarifies the investment both Bitmain and nChain have made in his start-up, Yours Inc., a platform that allows its users t ...
- Nov 19th 6:30 pm
Bloodshed continues in cryptocurrency, with the sell-off triggered on November 14th sparking persistent crypto market weakness.
- Nov 17th 5:00 pm
The November 15th, 2018 bitcoin cash hard fork is sure to become the second-most controversial fork in the 10-year history of cryptocurrency.
- Nov 14th 10:00 am
Calvin Ayre has stated his alleged plan to 51% attack BCH and all other cryptos, including BTC and ETH, is nothing personal, just business. “Bitmain is trying to make this...
- Nov 13th 5:32 pm
Vin Armani, a long time bitcoiner and BCH supporter who founded Cointext, says Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright plan to take over BCH through a 51% attack and then do...
- Nov 12th 5:09 pm
The bi-annual event of Bitcoin Cash that is shaping up way different than its predecessors is all set to hit the market on November 15. This Bitcoin Cash hard fork of 4th largest cryptocurrency has already gained support from top crypto exchanges and taken a hike of around 42 per
- Nov 11th 1:53 am
After a year of peaceful hard fork upgrades, bitcoin cash is in the throes of a fiery debate over its future – one that could lead to a chain split.
- Nov 8th 3:25 am
The cryptocurrency market has been on a bullish trend over the past 24-hours with several cryptocurrencies seeing a massive surge in prices. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] which has been gaining consistently throughout the week has been revealed to be the biggest gainer among the top ten cry ...
- Nov 6th 1:00 pm
The CEO of Money Button, Ryan X Charles, recently appeared on a video to speak about the ways the upcoming Bitcoin Cash [BCH] fork could affect the network, and detailed the specifics of how the negative consequences of a chain split could be avoided. Moreover, he also spoke abou ...
- Nov 5th 9:15 pm
There's only 10 days left until the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network hard fork scheduled for Nov. 15. At the moment the upgrade has two competing BCH clients Because of the BCH fork contention, over the last few days, exchanges and wallet providers have revealed their contingency
- Nov 5th 9:00 pm
Ryan X Charles, the CEO of Money Button and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent, recently released a video detailing how a split can be prevented on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. This comes at a time where the fork of the network is due in close to 10 days and might cause a split in the ...
- Nov 5th 4:00 pm
The second BCH Devcon hackathon took place in Amsterdam on Oct. 27-28, with more than 100 people competing to build useful cryptocurrency applications. The second BCH Devcon took place in Amsterdam, which saw a two-day hackathon dedicated to building useful cryptocurrency applica
- Oct 29th 5:50 pm
Following the success of BCH DEVCON in San Francisco, organizers are hoping to see even more creativity at the next event, in Amsterdam from 27-28 October.
- Oct 24th 7:54 am
Lately, there has been lots of talk about how the Bitcoin market could drastically swing up if the crypto were to be widely adopted as the ...
- Oct 22nd 4:58 pm
Recently, Ryan X Charles, the CEO of Money Button, elaborated on the definition of Bitcoin [BTC] at scale. He also spoke about the properties which Bitcoin had to possess in order to define Bitcoin at scale. Bitcoin at scale refers to the limits on the number of transactions the ...
- Oct 22nd 3:30 pm
Recently, Ryan X Charles, CEO of Money Button, uploaded a video sharing his views on the current state of Bitcoin [BTC] and how its real essence was to create a financial system wherein sound digital money can be provided to the world. Ryan stated that Bitcoin revolved around the ...
- Oct 22nd 12:28 pm
Despite Gemini postponing BCH listing to November, Bitcoin Cash is ready to rally in line with our overall Bitcoin Cash analysis.
- Oct 18th 2:15 am
Ryan X Charles
Ryan X Charles
CEO at Money Button
Ryan has been active in the bitcoin community since 2011, and has been an active contributor to the Bitcoin open-source community. He is the creator and CEO of Yours.org, a bitcoin-centric social media startup. Previously, Charles was a cryptocurrency engineer at Reddit, and led development for Reddit's cryptoequity project.