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According to data analysis, the XRP army is allegedly compromised of thousands of bots trying to sway sentiment across social media channels like Twitter.
- Mar 18th 4:53 pm
Global Digital Finance (GDF),  the global industry body for the cryptoasset sector that exists to promote the adoption of best practices and conduct, has announced the appointment of a list of leading companies in the space to its Advisory Council.
- Mar 14th 1:50 pm
Coinbase has faced criticism over the weekend after a company official divulged that user data had been regularly sold off to third party analytics firms in the past, in the wake of the Neutrino revelations.
- Mar 4th 4:20 pm
The world’s largest online messaging platforms are now “hoping to succeed” where digital asset and blockchain-related firms “have failed” by “introducing” cryptocurrencies to “mainstream consumers”, according to Nathaniel Popper, the critically acclaimed author of “Digital Gold, ...
- Mar 2nd 2:20 am
Bullish signs are everywhere for Bitcoin (BTC) March 1st as the largest cryptocurrency continues its record-breaking bear market cycle in 2019. Addresses Bullish signs are everywhere for Bitcoin (BTC) March 1 as the largest cryptocurrency continues its record-breaking bear market
- Mar 1st 3:00 pm
Ethereum (ETH) DApp usage may be waning across the board, but activity on the blockchain-based MakerDAO is surging. Welcome to the world of crypto finance.
- Feb 14th 2:12 pm
Crypto Tidbits: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey loves Bitcoin, Abra bridges the gap between stocks & crypto, Kraken makes $100M+ deal in Europe.
- Feb 9th 6:00 pm
Crypto diehard Travis Kling, the CIO of Ikigai, recently likened Bitcoin (BTC) to credit default swaps against 'irresponsible' banks and central banks.
- Feb 8th 2:00 pm
At Satoshi's Roundtable, one crypto attendee mentioned a hike in the 21M supply cap of Bitcoin (BTC). It goes without saying that some weren't too happy.
- Feb 7th 2:00 pm
Part of the appeal of crypto and Bitcoin is that it allows investors to easily buy an asset, whereas investing in stocks often requires accreditation.
- Feb 6th 8:00 pm
Like several past transactions, Ripple just moved $302 million worth of XRP from one of its several escrow accounts to an unknown destination.
- Feb 5th 2:23 pm
Stuart Alderoty has already taken charge of steering legal and compliance procedures at Ripple, says the company.
- Jan 31st 8:06 am
These are very interesting times for all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets. Although the current momentum doesn’t seem to favor either type right now, there are still high expectations associated with the XRP price. So far, most of those expectations will need to ...
- Jan 27th 6:25 pm
CEO of Messari has confirmed that the threatening calls he has received after his company criticized XRP were made by people unaffiliated with Ripple.
- Jan 27th 12:35 am
A leading crypto investor & pundit has claimed that while Bitcoin isn't a global reserve asset yet, the cryptocurrency is well on its way.
- Jan 27th 12:00 am
Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of discussion about the company Ripple Labs and the digital token XRP. A recently published report on the After Messari's founder Ryan Selkis shared an article concerning the XRP study, he claims someone called his phone and haras
- Jan 25th 10:48 pm
It seems as if the coming weekend will not necessarily yield any profits for the top markets after all. Especially where the XRP price is concerned, things are not looking great, but not terrible either. This creates a bit of an odd situation which will need to be resolved sooner ...
- Jan 25th 8:08 pm
Cryptocurrency data company Messari reported that the market cap of Ripple’s XRP, as well as its circulating supply, as they are advertised on third-party data services, are likely inflated with 47 percent. Shortly after that, the company’s CEO said he’s receive
Live Bitcoin News
- Jan 25th 7:00 pm
Crypto research firm Messari's claim that the ripple (XRP) market cap is massively overvalued triggered a chilling backlash against the company's founder.
- Jan 25th 4:48 pm
A new report, published by the crypto research firm Messari, claims that XRP market cap ($13 Billion when writing this post) is overstated by $6.1 billion, according to their findings. The company calculated that the market cap is overstated by 48%, meaning that it should be roug ...
- Jan 25th 3:15 pm
In Friday’s installment of The Daily, we round up the latest debate over whether market cap should be used to rank cryptocurrencies. Members of the Ripple In Friday’s installment of The Daily, we round up the latest debate over whether market cap should be used to rank cryptocurr
- Jan 25th 11:10 am
So a new scenario emerged for the whole community of Ripple and the founder for a crypto data startup Messari. Earlier this week, Messari estimates [...] ...
- Jan 25th 11:07 am
Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent, is not involved with cryptocurrency project Tron. He wants to make sure that you know that.
- Jan 22nd 6:50 pm
Tron has become an exception in a long-running bear market of cryptocurrencies.The decentralized blockchain protocol experienced a twofold surge.
- Jan 21st 2:00 pm
Bitcoin Shaping Up To Be Digital Gold Alistair Milne, the chief investment officer at Digital Currency Fund, recently commented on ...
Ethereum World News
- Jan 20th 7:30 pm
Major Highlights for TRON Tron CEO, Justin Sun says they want to become the first cryptocurrency people will think of While working on its dapp [...] ...
- Jan 18th 1:46 pm
Bloomberg Lauds Tron (TRX) As "Hottest Cryptocurrency"  Since Tron (TRX) burst onto the broader crypto scene in 2017, the blockchain ...
Ethereum World News
- Jan 18th 12:47 am
The Winklevoss Twins, founder of the Gemini crypto exchange, believe Bitcoin (BTC) will surpass gold over time, and will remain the leading cryptocurrency.
- Jan 8th 1:00 pm
The early Bitcoin community in San Francisco was originally comprised of revolutionaries: Individuals who believed in the freedom and opportunity that a permissionless distributed system would bring the world.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Jan 3rd 9:06 pm
Alex Pack, a prominent pro-crypto and Bitcoin investor, has claimed that BTC won't fall to $0, and will weather the cryptocurrency bear winter.
- Dec 24th 10:30 pm
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