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Parity’s release manager Afri Schoeden admitted to quitting Ethereum projects following controversial tweets about the network’s Serenity upgrade.
- Feb 22nd 10:05 pm
Criticism is the overarching theme of today's crypto chatter roundup. Andreas Antonopoulos vehemently opposes mandatory KYC to access banking services. Criticism is rife in today’s roundup of crypto chatter. Andreas Antonopoulos is vehemently opposed mandatory KYC for bankin
- Dec 20th 6:00 pm
In recent months, an increasing number of engineers and developers announced that they are leaving established Silicon Valley tech companies in search for ...
- Oct 27th 9:58 am
Welcome to Crypto Daily News, this news piece "The Troubling Crypto Gender Disparity" is breaking news from the Crypto sector.
Crypto Daily
- Oct 7th 6:30 pm
Preethi Kasireddy
Preethi Kasireddy
Founder & CEO of isTruStory.
Preethi is a blockchain engineer that formerly worked at Goldman Sachs and Andreessen Horowitz. She is the founder and CEO of Schelling, a blockchain startup currently in stealth mode. Kasireddy was an engineer on a number of blockchain and smart contract projects, and previously was a software engineer at Coinbase.