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Canadian law enforcement officials are on the lookout for 4 individuals who are responsible for carrying out over 100… ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 14th 8:21 am
Authorities in Canada are reportedly looking for help identifying four suspects of conducting double-spend attacks on Bitcoin ATMs throughout the country, potentially taking advantage of these accepting 0-confirmation transactions.
- Mar 13th 1:54 pm
During the 2019 MIT Bitcoin Expo over the weekend, applied cryptography consultant Peter Todd was asked to share his thoughts on the new wave of more permissioned smart contracting platforms such as EOS.
Crypto Daily
- Mar 12th 9:30 pm
This past weekend (March 9–10), Peter Todd, a former Bitcoin Core developer and currently an applied cryptography consultant, Changpeng Zhano ("CZ" for short), Co-Founder and CEO of Binance, and Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, expressed their thought
- Mar 11th 11:20 am
On Feb. 20 the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase gave the public an inside look at how the company deals with contentious forks.
- Feb 22nd 3:42 pm
In this short interview, I asked bitcoin veteran Peter Todd a few questions about bitcoin, block sizes, what interests him in the space, and why he doesn't like smart contracts and Ethereum.
- Feb 20th 12:20 am
During the Bitcoin developer panel at the recent Unconfidscatable Conference in Las Vegas, the topic of MimbleWimble was discussed.
Crypto Daily
- Feb 6th 9:30 pm
A recent counterfeiting bug in Zcash demonstrates that the added functionality of so-called second generation blockchains comes at a price. The A recent counterfeiting bug in Zcash demonstrates that the added functionality of second generation blockchains comes at a price.
- Feb 6th 9:15 pm
Zcash, a leading privacy cryptocurrency in the market, recently announced that they had found counterfeiting vulnerability in the “cryptography underlying some kinds of zero-knowledge proofs”. Interestingly, this vulnerability was detected by the Zcash company in Marc ...
- Feb 6th 3:30 pm
The Zcash team fixed a flaw last year that could've allowed for the unchecked creation of counterfeit ZEC. The episode raises questions worth considering.
- Feb 5th 9:00 pm
In Tuesday’s edition of The Daily, we detail the theoretical vulnerability found in the Coldcard crypto wallet, coming just one month after its In Tuesday’s edition of The Daily, we detail the theoretical vulnerability found in the Coldcard crypto wallet and the privacy of zcash
- Jan 29th 2:00 pm
Tidbits is a roundup of talking points from across the cryptosphere. In this edition, Peter Todd suggests memorizing randomly generated passphrases to In today’s Tidbits, Peter Todd urges his followers try memorizing randomly generated passphrases to secure recovery keys.
- Jan 23rd 9:59 am
Privacy algorithm zk-SNARKs is the linchpin of Zcash (ZEC) anonymity. But there may be serious vulnerabilites that should be addressed.
Crypto Briefing
- Jan 17th 3:53 pm
Opinion Cryptocurrencies – money of the future. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies promised a lot of things and along with those promises came the problems that we would never have faced if we stuck to the fiat system. But then again the world isn’t all black and white. As ...
- Jan 8th 1:30 pm
On Friday (28 December 2018), crypto analyst Tuur Demeester, Editor-in-Chief of Adamant Research and Founder of Bitcoin Alpha Fund Adamant Capital, launched a devastating attack on Ethereum (ETH), in which he laid out the case against Ethereum, closing his argument by calling it ...
- Dec 28th 8:15 pm
It seems as if the Federal Reserve really understands the core values of Bitcoin and that launching a national cryptocurrency is pointless.
- Dec 28th 8:00 pm
CoinMetrics Exposes Bitcoin Private  On Sunday, Coin Metrics, an open-source crypto asset analytics team, released a damning report about Bitcoin ...
Ethereum World News
- Dec 24th 10:44 pm
PayPal’s new blockchain initiative grants tokens to employees who participate in innovation-related programs and contribute ideas.
- Dec 10th 2:10 pm
To know the present we have to know the past and then perhaps we can see the future. So we will start at the beginning. After the banking collapse in...
- Dec 5th 6:44 pm
A sudden influx of nodes on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) has seen capacity increase to new all-time highs as the scaling solution is now handling over A sudden influx of nodes on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) has seen capacity increase to new all-time highs.
- Nov 22nd 3:00 pm
Tokyo police arrested eight men on November 14, 2018, for a cryptocurrency-related pyramid scheme that scammed 6,000 people of 7.8 billion yen (approximately $68.42 million). According to Japanese News company Asahi Shimbun on November 16, 2018, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Depa ...
BTC Manager
- Nov 17th 11:00 pm
According to TeleSUR TV, Venezuela's “cryptocurrency” Petro can only be traded to other crypto assets if bought before the end of 2018.
- Nov 11th 1:45 am
Blockstream has been busy as of late with a brace of announcements including the release of the Liquid Full Node binaries alongside a new block explorer ...
- Nov 7th 8:00 pm
The Cambrian explosion of cryptocurrencies has behaved much in the same way as in biology. What wasn’t weeded out by a stronger species, didn’t navigate its way through a myriad of natural challenges and establish itself as antifragile, placed itself in league with other battle-t ...
BTC Manager
- Oct 31st 6:00 pm
A Medium user posted a Twitter analysis of the “100 Most Influential People in Crypto,” ranking the influencers on how vocal they are on bashing Bitcoin Cash. First posted in January 2018, the list provides a rare glimpse into how the who’s who of crypto feel ab ...
- Oct 30th 10:00 am
Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd joined the backlash against a “fake news” report about Bitcoin’s impact on global warming October 29.
- Oct 30th 7:45 am
Peter Todd has been one of the most vocal developers in the Bitcoin space and for good reason. The 33-year-old Canadian software engineer has been fiddling with the pioneer cryptocurrency for some time now, and when perusing his blog, much of this work has also shaped much of the ...
BTC Manager
- Oct 26th 3:30 pm
On October 8–11, an international cybersecurity forum HackIT 4.0 was held in Kiev, the event was organized by Hacken company.
- Oct 24th 7:03 pm
More than a year later after Bitcoin UASF, Blockstream CEO and inventor of Bitcoin's proof-of-work technology, Adam Back, recalled the event as ‘an Over a year after Bitcoin’s user activated soft fork (UASF) occurred, Adam Back, recalled the event as ‘an emphatic’ victory’ f
- Oct 24th 12:00 am
Peter Todd
Peter Todd
Cryptography Consultant
Peter is one of Bitcoin's most prominent open source developers, and is an applied cryptography consultant. Todd is an advocate for cryptocurrency, and is vocal about the need for more effective (yet flexible) governance of Bitcoin and other alt-coins in the years to come.