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The cryptocurrency market is a target of the same manipulation and abuse that the equity, commodity and forex markets have suffered for years, and ...
- Nov 28th 9:55 am
The largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe has chosen Irisium’s platform for market monitoring and data analytics.
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- Nov 28th 9:00 am
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp will replace its own technology with TRADExpress, a software stack developed by Cinnober, a global provider of exchange and clearing technology.The implementation will be conducted in a few phases, with the full completion in June of 2019.
- Nov 6th 8:30 am
Bitstamp was acquired by NXMH in all-cash deal that paves the way for possible partnership with Korbit, a Korean exchange.
Crypto Briefing
- Oct 30th 3:45 pm
NXMH, a Belgium-based investment firm, now owns 80 percent of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, Bitstamp.
- Oct 30th 1:59 pm
The largest cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has been aquired by NXMH, an investment firm based in Belgium, for about $400 million. The leadership will remain the same, and the exchange will continue to operate independently.
- Oct 30th 7:45 am
Monday morning, popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp announced that it had been bought by NXMH Holdings, the European subsidiary of South Korea's NXC - the parent company of Korbit exchange.
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- Oct 30th 7:30 am
Bitstamp has confirmed that it has been acquired by a European subsidiary of a South Korean corporation. Nejc Kodrič will remain the CEO of the exchange. Bitstamp has confirmed that it has been acquired by a European subsidiary of a South Korean corporation. Nejc Kodrič will rema
- Oct 30th 2:55 am
Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp announced its acquisition by Belgium private equity firm NXMH Holdings, whose parent company NXC also owns South Korean crypto exchange Korbit.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Oct 29th 9:53 pm
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has announced it's acquisition by NXMH, a Belgian firm whose parent company already owns South Korea's Korbit.
- Oct 29th 8:00 pm
Bitstamp has been acquired by South Korean NXC Corporation for an undisclosed sum in what the company is calling a "strategic, long-term investment".
- Oct 29th 6:00 pm
Nejc Kodrič, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, has published a blog post announcing that the Belgium-based investment company, NXMH have acquired it. NXMH is the parent company of NXC that owns multiple services, both in the cryptocurrency space – such as the ...
- Oct 29th 12:41 pm
Bitstamp, one of the oldest and largest bitcoin exchanges, has been acquired by Belgian investment firm NXMH, whose parent company also owns Korbit.
- Oct 29th 12:11 pm
NXMH, the subsidiary of NXC, the $10 billion parent company of game development firm Nexon, acquired major crypto exchange Bitstamp. Based in Belgium, NXMH is a Brussels-based investment firm which has made several high profile acquisitions of European corporations throughout the ...
- Oct 29th 11:46 am
A bot on cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp created panic for Bitcoin, ETH, and Litecoin, leading to trading being halted temporarily.
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- Oct 8th 6:00 pm
Nejc Kodrič
Nejc Kodrič
Co-Founder and CEO of Bitstamp
Nejc is the co-founder and CEO of Bitstamp, an online cryptocurrency exchange. Bitstamp was the first fully licensed cryptocurrency exchange in the EU, and has been growing rapidly since being founded in 2011. Kodrič has been involved with Bitcoin since 2011, and speaks at cryptocurrency conferences around the world.