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I was recently introduced to a new cryptocurrency project called Pocketnet. The best way to describe the project in a few words is that it’s a content platform similar to Steemit, but more decentralized. While both Steemit and Pocketnet have decentralized servers, for Pocke ...
- Feb 28th 10:05 pm
According to a report published by TechCrunch on January 23, 2019, blockchain-based startup Steemit has promoted Elizabeth Powell as their new MD and chief executive.
BTC Manager
- Jan 24th 12:00 pm
Steemit Inc, the company behind the popular Steemit platform that uses blockchain technology to reward users for creating and curating content, has recently appointed a new chief, shortly after laying off 70% of its staff.
- Jan 23rd 3:50 pm
Following a disastrous 2018 that saw it shed 28 staff members – 70 percent of its total employee strength – toward the end of the [...] ...
- Jan 23rd 3:17 pm
The Dark Overlord hacking group moved to Steemit after being banned from Twitter and Reddit, but it doesn't appear to be a safe haven for them.
- Jan 10th 11:44 am
The dawn of 2019 sees cryptocurrency in the throes of crypto winter. Read more on how it is affecting projects, traders, and miners across the board.
Invest In Blockchain
- Jan 3rd 11:00 am
Chinese mining giant Bitmain Technology and cryptocurrency exchange operator Huobi Group have both announced plans to lay off staff but for different reasons, per reports on the South China Morning Post (SCMP). Bitmain revealed its ...
- Dec 27th 9:55 am
Bitmain Could Be In Throes  Dovey Wan, a prominent Asian cryptocurrency entrepreneur and insider, recently drew attention to a post ...
Ethereum World News
- Dec 24th 12:45 am
Job cuts have become a reality in the crypto industry - but they pale in comparison to the biggest corporate layoffs in history.
- Dec 18th 3:10 am
As the year-long crypto bear market continues, ICO-funded projects have continued to liquidate their Ethereum (ETH) holdings en-masse.
- Dec 16th 11:00 pm
The recent fall of crypto prices is taking its toll as blockchain and crypto businesses are laying off staff or even closing divisions to survive.
- Dec 12th 12:59 pm
It was not too long ago when euphoria surrounding the cryptocurrency industry reached its tipping point. The industry hit a record high market capitalization of $813 billion on January 8, 2018. Crypto came out of the rooms of geeky software developers and gamers into the mainstre ...
BTC Manager
- Dec 10th 7:00 pm
Chinese-based cryptomining firm Bitmain is shutting down the operations of Bitmaintech Israel ...
Bitcoin Magazine
- Dec 10th 5:51 pm
Dash (DASH) "Not At Risk Of Shutdown" In Crypto Collapse In 2018 ...
Ethereum World News
- Dec 10th 2:00 am
Ethereum production studio ConsenSys announces major layoffs in the midst of the bear market. ConsenSys is one of many blockchain focused start-ups facing emergency restructuring in recent months.
- Dec 7th 11:00 am
The Ethereum Classic Development Team, ETCDEV, is shutting down due to lack of financing amid the continuing crypto bear market.
- Dec 5th 4:17 pm
Over the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has dropped by more than five percent from $4,265 to $4,030, demonstrating a decline in daily volume.
- Dec 2nd 7:49 pm
Daniel Larimer, the creator of EOS, has shared plans for the development of yet another cryptocurrency project.
- Dec 1st 6:00 am
Blockchain-based social media platform Steemit is facing a crisis. CEO Ned Scott revealed on Nov. 27, 2018, that the company has been forced to lay off 70 percent of its workforce amid an atmosphere of falling crypto prices and high operational costs. In a post published on the c ...
- Nov 30th 7:39 pm
The decentralized content platform, Steemit, has announced that a significant amount of their team will be cut due to the persisting crypto bear market.
- Nov 30th 12:00 am
Steemit, a decentralized social media platform has laid off 70 percent of its staff due to the prolonged bearish cryptocurrency market. According to a Youtube video posted on November 29, 2018, Ned Scott, the CEO of Steemit mentioned that the company will prioritize a restructuri ...
BTC Manager
- Nov 29th 9:00 pm
Steemit, a decentralized sharing system and distributed app designed to rewards content creators with crypto, will be laying off a massive chunk of its staff.
- Nov 29th 1:04 pm
Crypto Startup Steemit Terminates 70% Of Staffers Even for the most hardened of firms, bear markets, whether in emerging or ...
Ethereum World News
- Nov 29th 3:45 am
Decentralized social networking platform Steemit has laid off over 70 percent of its staff following the recent market crash.
- Nov 29th 1:26 am
Steemit has laid off 70% of their workforce due to the market downturn, which has seen their native cryptocurrency lose most of its value ...
- Nov 28th 10:39 pm
Blockchain-based social media platform Steemit Inc., the company behind popular open source website, has announced a structural reorganization which will entail laying off 70 percent of its workforce ...
Bitcoin Magazine
- Nov 28th 7:53 pm
Steemit Inc, the company behind the popular Steemit platform that uses blockchain technology to reward users for creating and curating content, has recently revealed it’s set to lay off 70% of its staff to reduce operating costs, as it’s restructuring its organization to stay afl
- Nov 28th 3:30 pm
For those who live in the northern hemisphere, winter is coming, while in the cryptosphere it's already here. In Wednesday's edition of The Daily, we look In Wednesday’s edition of The Daily, we look at the steps ICOs are taking to preserve their capital and the rise of
- Nov 28th 12:20 pm
Whether you're new to crypto, or a seasoned pro, this is your starting point to learn about the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to Golem.
Invest In Blockchain
- Nov 11th 10:10 pm
It used to be that downtime was unheard of on blockchain networks. As new protocols and new trade-offs emerge, that's no longer the case.
- Sep 23rd 10:00 am
Ned Scott
Ned Scott
Founder and CEO of SteemIT and the creator of Smart Media Tokens (SMT)
Ned is the founder and CEO of SteemIT and the creator of Smart Media Tokens (SMT). Additionally, he founded SteemNetwork, a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers to monetize content and grow their communities. Before his forays into the crypto space, Scott was an analyst at Gellert Global Group.