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During YouTube’s Cryptocurrency Virtual Summit, the co-founder and creator of the 11th largest digital coin by market capitalization – Charles Hoskinson, also co-founder of Ethereum [coin lead by Vitalik Buterin], dug dipper into the progress...
Ethereum World News
- Feb 20th 8:35 pm
After one whole week of battling sellers, the crypto-pioneer and leader by market capitalization Bitcoin (BTC) made it above $4,000.00 ...
Ethereum World News
- Jan 6th 11:46 pm
Cardano Review and Digital Asset Report from Crypto Briefing: institutional-grade analysis of the ADA token and preliminary investment grade.
Crypto Briefing
- Dec 20th 6:33 pm
Charles Hoskinson describes Cardano’s 1.4 as the “most significant update to the Cardano ecosystem to date,” with the update featuring a host of high-caliber performance and functionality upgrades to the software. In addition to the update, IOHK has made rapid progress in other a ...
- Dec 15th 10:15 pm
While being down 97 percent from its peak, Cardano (ADA) is currently focused on the development phase as its creator Charles Hoskinson announced December 18 [...] ...
- Dec 15th 11:13 am
Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Dardano, surprised the community by taking to Twitter and announcing v1.4 of Cardano would launch December 18th.
Invest In Blockchain
- Dec 14th 7:43 pm
Cardano v1.4 arrives on testnet! Will its imminent release to the mainnet help the bulls bring ADA/USD back above $0.03? ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Dec 11th 3:36 pm
Experiencing the current general market uncertainty, many crypto-enthusiasts and traders ask themselves more often which coin will turn as true ...
Ethereum World News
- Dec 11th 12:07 am
As a result of BTC price drops, reverberation is being felt accross the market. As long as ADA/USD is trading below 6 cents, then we anticipate more losses.
- Nov 23rd 2:30 am
Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson held a surprise AMA on YouTube, where he answered questions on Cardano's 1.4 update, code for the Daedalus wallet, and more.
Invest In Blockchain
- Nov 20th 11:15 pm
If last week sell pressure spill over today then ADA/USD could sink below 6 cents printing new lows despite Weiss Rating Buy recommendations.
- Nov 19th 2:10 am
Following news of an internal rift, Michael Parsons, the Chairman of the Cardano Foundation, has resigned. What's next for Cardano? ...
Invest In Blockchain
- Nov 18th 6:50 am
Charles Hoskinson, the CEO and Founder of IOHK, spoke about the recent announcement made by the Cardano Foundation, in a short video on YouTube. The announcement was regarding Michael Parsons’ resignation as the Chairman of the Foundation Council of the Cardano Foundation.  ...
- Nov 16th 5:00 am
Crypto market was poised for a bull run last week, but the market failed to boom because it lacked momentum and real-world utility.
Crypto Briefing
- Nov 14th 1:41 pm
Down by 1.37%, Bitcoin is trading at $6,273 while crypto analyst Willy Woo says, “timing for a bottom may be around Q2 2019.” Majority of [...] ...
- Nov 14th 12:27 pm
On Tuesday (13 November 2018), Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano (ADA) and the CEO of IOHK, announced to the Cardano community the good news that he had been hoping to deliver ever since he and Ken Kodama, the CEO of Emurgo, published a joint statement (on the IOHK blog) ...
- Nov 14th 7:40 am
"The Babylonian Captivity of Cardano Has Ended" The Cardano Foundation recently wiped the dust off its one-month dormant Twitter account ...
Ethereum World News
- Nov 14th 3:52 am
While ADA/USD and IOT/USD seek to print new highs and reverse 2018 steep losses, LTC/USD is struggling to shake off bears.
- Nov 14th 2:10 am
Michael Parsons has resigned as head of the Cardano Foundation, following demands from other community leaders for his resignation.
Crypto Briefing
- Nov 13th 5:20 pm
From Satoshi Nakamoto to Justin Sun, the blockchain leadership can be as decentralized as the cryptocurrency projects themselves. Or not.
Crypto Briefing
- Nov 8th 5:10 pm
The cryptocurrency board had been displaying sideways movements on the charts until yesterday when all the coins came down crashing post the bear’s wrath. The collapse in the price trend of multiple big coins, such as XRP, Litecoin [LTC], Cardano [ADA] dragged down their mo ...
- Oct 30th 3:30 pm
Welcome to Crypto Daily News, this news piece "It's All Happening Over At Cardano" is breaking news from the Crypto sector.
Crypto Daily
- Oct 23rd 10:30 am
Cardano's Icarus wallet has been audited and is now completely ready to be adopted. The project continues to progress despite split from Cardano Foundation.
Invest In Blockchain
- Oct 20th 8:40 pm
With three separate entities running Cardano, some conflicts and disagreements were bound to arise at some point. And it has, with Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson accusing the Cardano Foundation of being a stumbling block towards the progress of the project. In an open letter ...
- Oct 16th 11:42 pm
IOHK's Charles Hoskinson and Emurgo's Ken Kodama addressed the Cardano community about several aspects of the blockchain, including the Cardano Foundation.
- Oct 16th 2:39 pm
In the interest of transparency, Cardano has revealed an ongoing issue with the Cardano Foundation on one side, and IOHK and Emurgo on the other.
Invest In Blockchain
- Oct 16th 10:53 am
Charles Hoskinson, the chief executive officer of IOHK, announced the splitting of Cardano Foundation, IOHK, and Emurgo Oct. on 12th via a YouTube live stream.
- Oct 15th 12:29 pm
The Cardano Foundation has failed to fulfill its duties and responsibilities, according to the chairs of IOHK and Emurgo.
- Oct 15th 11:05 am
Nouriel Roubini’s Testimony to the US Senate receives criticism from the crypto industry while Peter Van Valkenburgh claims Bitcoin is revolutionary. Charles Hoskinson and IOHK split from Cardano Foundation over-centralization and inefficiencies of the foundation. In exchanges, C ...
- Oct 14th 1:45 pm
Weekly price review of the best performing cryptocurrencies ...
- Oct 13th 9:22 pm
Michael Parsons
Michael Parsons
Chairman and Executive Director of the Cardano Foundation
Michael was a former executive in the banking industry, and was an early evangelist for Bitcoin. Parsons is now a sought-after speaker and advisor on the subject, and currently serves as the Chairman and Executive Director of the Cardano Foundation, which promotes and supports the new Cardano blockchain protocol.