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At long last, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls have begun to rear their ugly heads. While cryptocurrency investors have invited this influx of buy-side pressure with ...
- Mar 18th 11:15 am
One analyst recently pointed to an interesting trend, where the start of new Bitmex quarterly futures coincide with Bitcoin (BTC) price surges.
- Mar 17th 7:30 pm
There is a noticeable correlation between Bitcoin's latest jump and Bitmex Futures, believes Luke Martin.
- Mar 17th 11:29 am
Just two days after Cboe announced that it was going to delist bitcoin futures, the cryptocurrency's spot market turned near-term bullish.
- Mar 16th 11:17 am
'Crypto' is the first thriller that regards digital assets and shows criminal prospects associated with cryptos that are impossible if take cash. It is directed by John Stalberg Jr. and produced by Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman.
- Mar 13th 9:29 am
Crypto analyst Luke Martin provides an insightful Twitter thread looking at the microcycles of Bitcoin price and how it affects altcoin/Bitcoin prices.
Invest In Blockchain
- Mar 7th 10:06 pm
Bitcoin has established a fresh support level at $3,700, which one analyst claims is an important price to hold above in order for BTC to see further gains.
- Mar 5th 12:00 am
A popular crypto trader just left the industry, but remains hopeful for Bitcoin. In fact he expects for global FOMO to push BTC above $50,000.
Ethereum World News
- Mar 3rd 6:39 pm
The launch of Binance’s DEX and JP Morgan's cryptocurrency, JPM Coin, have raised fundamental questions about where the crypto industry is headed.
- Feb 27th 3:06 am
The cryptocurrency market has taken a huge bounce since Friday in a 24-hour surge across the board with Litecoin being a real mover ...
- Feb 9th 4:00 pm
Analysts are pointing to fractal patterns to give traders guidance as to where some cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) are heading next ...
- Feb 6th 12:00 am
One analyst also believes that Bitcoin’s latest price move to above $3,700 could prove to be positive for the altcoin markets.
- Jan 19th 8:00 pm
Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has recently seen its price move past the $3,700 resistance after enduring a series of sell-offs this month that saw its price drop from a high of about $4,100. Its jump has been accompanied by a wider market recovery.
- Jan 19th 7:20 pm
It seems that the prediction season has begun, with bullish and bearish opinions much more conservative than the ones from the ...
Ethereum World News
- Jan 19th 4:30 pm
One prominent crypto analyst believes that Bitcoin needs to trade above $3,700 for an extended period of time in order for the entire market to climb higher ...
- Jan 18th 9:00 pm
Since January 14, subsequent to a minor correction, the crypto market has added $6 billion to its valuation as the Bitcoin price maintained stability.
- Jan 18th 9:39 am
Yobit may barely be able to hold onto the #50 spot on Coin Market Cap, but someone over there must have cojones the size of coconuts. In an apparent effort to boost trading on the platform, the exchange is promoting its upcoming pump event - which is to be followed by the inevita
Live Bitcoin News
- Oct 11th 2:00 am
Tether incurred severe criticism after its supposed stablecoin USDT recently lost its value against the US Dollar, seeing some questioning it.
- Oct 5th 4:30 pm
The price of Tether’s USDT stablecoin, which is supposedly backed 1:1 by the USD, has recently dropped on most cryptocurrency exchanges. Market analysts are debating if the Bitcoin USDT premium is merely coincidence, inefficient markets or traders factoring in risk - otherwise kn
- Oct 4th 12:55 pm
Over the past 24 hours, Ripple (XRP) has overtaken Ethereum once again with a 7 percent surge in price, achieving a market valuation of $24.28 billion.
- Sep 30th 12:56 pm
Earlier this week, the crypto market seemed to be initiating a strong corrective rally, as Bitcoin breezed past $6,500. But, the market retraced slightly.
- Sep 15th 11:48 am
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