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A very confusingly named crypto project has quickly risen up the crypto rankings to become a top 20 coin with it jumping some 10x in about three days. The very...
- Mar 15th 2:53 pm chain (CRO) Token rose by 45% following its listing on the top 20 exchange of the world, UpBit Exchange. is a Hong Kong-based Blockchain [...] ...
- Mar 15th 9:57 am
When a crypto asset goes on a parabolic moon shot it needs a closer look. One that is flying up the market cap charts at the moment is Chain, When a crypto asset goes on a parabolic moon shot it needs a closer look.
- Mar 13th 8:30 am
US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex has listed Chain (CRO) on its exchange platform since 8th March 2019. The CRO chain trading and transactions are now [...] ...
- Mar 8th 12:07 pm
A prepaid card funded by cryptocurrency sounds too good to be true, but thinks its Monaco Visa cards are the answer.
Crypto Briefing
- Jan 3rd 6:12 pm
Customers will be able to purchase Ledger products with pay. The transactions will be facilitated by chain.
- Dec 19th 1:59 pm has announced the appointment of former PayPal executive Tyson Hackwood to drive the growth of the company’s payment solution, Pay. The idea behind the solution is to let people pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency and receive lucrative cashback re
- Dec 13th 2:00 am
Fledgling merchant network wants to expand the scope of its offerings using ex-PayPal exec Tyson Hackwood’s expertise.
- Dec 11th 3:05 pm
Tyson Hackwood, a former PayPal and Braintree executive, has landed a key position at where his remit is to drive the growth of the crypto-based payment solution.
- Dec 11th 2:29 pm
On November 16th, the Metropolitan Commercial Bank (MCB) and announced that they are preparing to launch the MCO Visa Card program in the United States.’s press release noted that its MCO Visa Card program had already been introduced in Singapore in October
- Nov 19th 2:07 am
The Hong Kong based crypto and blockchain startup of announced that it was planning on expanding its prepaid VISA ...
Ethereum World News
- Nov 17th 5:29 pm
The startup says there are no annual or monthly fees or any commission for ATM withdrawals, up to US $1,000.
- Nov 16th 5:40 pm
The Metropolitan Commercial Bank, as announced on Friday, 16th November 2018, will be issuing’s MCO Visa Cards in the US.
- Nov 16th 3:29 pm has started shipping MCO Visa Cards, while Changelly has added fiat-to-XRP support, further blurring the lines between cryptocurrency and fiat.
- Oct 25th 3:00 pm’s MCO Visa Cards will begin shipping to customers in Singapore on Monday, October 22.
- Oct 22nd 5:59 pm
Malta is emerging as a prominent force in the world of cryptocurrencies. The European island-state has surprised many this year with its continual positioning as a “blockchain economy,” and is now edging over Gibraltar, another economy banking on blockchain for a resurgence, due ...
- Oct 6th 10:12 pm
Asia’s first cryptocurrency Visa debit cards will start shipping in the next 2 months as Hong Kong based starts extending its offering to users.
- Oct 6th 5:29 pm
Two nations that are currently in tight competition to win the favor of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry are Gibraltar and Malta.
- Oct 5th 5:02 am
With the new option, users of the cryptocurrency will be able to easily buy, sell, store, and transfer their XRP coins via the wallet app.
- Oct 3rd 10:09 pm’s upcoming debit card will give clients extra peace of mind knowing that they can quickly convert their cryptocurrency back to fiat currency.
- Sep 11th 2:59 pm
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Kris is the CEO and co-founder of Monaco, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform with a vision of Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet. Marszalek is active in the Asian crypto community contributing to industry events and engaging with media to discuss the implications of cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions.