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Cryptocurrency exchange Globitex has launched a new service called the Euro Wallet which allows users to make and receive euro payments in their personal IBAN accounts like any other European bank account. The company claims that this service is a solution to banks closing accoun
- Feb 14th 1:01 pm
Last summer Russia hosted the World Cup – now CryptoFriends will host their very own competition.
- Feb 6th 5:52 pm
Bitcoin innovation company Blockstream started the week off with a bang in announcing the second-phase launch of its Blockstream Satellite campaign.
- Dec 18th 9:00 pm
OKEx may have trailed Binance as the biggest exchange in the world by trade volume, but there was no stopping it from being declared best in the world in Malta. The exchange was named the crypto exchange of the year during the inaugural Malta Blockchain Awards. OKEx was fighting ...
- Nov 5th 1:00 pm
Welcome to Crypto Daily News, this news piece "Malta Cements Its Reputation As ‘Blockchain Island’ Another..." is breaking news from the Crypto sector.
Crypto Daily
- Oct 27th 8:00 pm
Blockchain entrepreneur Vinny Lingham expressed his opinion on a possible Bitcoin bubble while speaking at a blockchain event in South Africa ...
Live Bitcoin News
- Oct 19th 11:30 am
The “Blockchain Island” will host another monumental event for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
- Oct 4th 11:04 am
$83 billion investment bank Morgan Stanley is following the footsteps of Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, and will soon offer Bitcoin swap trading.
- Sep 13th 4:03 pm
Jon Matonis
Jon Matonis
Founding Director and Co-Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation
Matonis is a bitcoin researcher and economist. He is presently the Founding Director and co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation. He is also the chairman of Globitex, a bitcoin and derivatives exchange. He is also a Board Member at First Global Credit, a cryptocurrency investment and advisory firm based in Geneva.