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After many delays, the Venezuelan government's controversial fiat cryptocurrency, the Petro, is finally on sale. However, the currency may struggle to find market share among so many trusted and decentralized alternatives.
- Nov 1st 6:00 pm
Japan’s central bank doesn’t want a CBDC. What about others? ...
- Oct 25th 1:10 pm
The CEO of Dash, Ryan Taylor, told Cointelegraph that he believes that central bank-issued cryptocurrencies are the “inevitable future.” ...
- Oct 24th 9:00 am
Venezuelan citizens must now pay their passport fees using the country's controversial petro cryptocurrency, whose public sale is slated for November.
- Oct 10th 12:55 am
We've saved a few moments in our weekly schedule to cover some of crypto's problems with the Fourth Estate.
Crypto Briefing
- Oct 5th 5:56 pm
Bitcoin trading volumes skyrocket amidst the hyper-inflation in Venezuela after Petro has been likened to Dash.
- Oct 5th 7:23 am
Ethereum developer points out that Petro white paper has copied an image from Dash’s GitHub repository, among other similarities.
- Oct 4th 6:25 pm
An Ethereum developer is claiming state backed crypto Petro (PTR), plaything to Venezuela’s President Maduro, has taken its newly published whitepaper in substantial amounts from Dash.
- Oct 4th 1:17 pm
The president of Venezuela announced the official launch of the “Petro,” but residents of the country now have a vast selection of other cryptocurrencies to choose from.
- Oct 4th 11:25 am
Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro has made several claims regarding his country's digital currency this week. He announced the launch of the petro as a national currency on Monday, reportedly claiming that it is already “present in the world’s six topmost internation
- Oct 4th 5:45 am
Venezuela’s Petro (PTR) appears to be a “blatant” copy of Dash, as part of its whitepaper appears to have been copied off of Dash’s Github.
- Oct 3rd 8:09 pm
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Joey Zhou
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