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Bitcoin educator Jimmy Song isn't a big fan of permissioned (in his eyes) Ethereum, or JP Morgan Coin and Facebook Coin by extension.
- Mar 17th 6:00 pm
Enterprise blockchains to grow in popularity despite criticisms.
- Mar 14th 4:09 pm
The idea of private blockchains “makes no sense,” Abra’s CEO says.
- Feb 26th 2:10 pm
Notorious billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk once again expressed his enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in the latest episode of ARK Invest’s FYI podcast: “On the Road to Full Autonomy With Elon Musk,” In...
Ethereum World News
- Feb 20th 6:59 pm
On November 15, 2018, a hard fork happened on the Bitcoin Cash network, resulting to a split into two chains that gave rise to two separate ...
- Feb 15th 12:40 pm
CoinsBank announces the biggest event on the sea of the year, it's fourth annual blockchain conference.
- Feb 15th 4:50 am
Barry Silbert of the Digital Currency Group claims that while he's more bullish on Bitcoin than ever before, he's wary of crypto assets' long-term prospects ...
- Feb 14th 11:00 am
A lot has happened in the industry over the week and like every other week, we have handpicked the best stories and summarised them for you ...
- Feb 10th 12:54 pm
Finder.com published the results of a monthly survey sent to a panel of crypto/blockchain and fintech leaders around the world,
Ethereum World News
- Feb 8th 6:18 am
Since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hit the markets 10 years ago, the crypto space has been an active industry, with lots of new cryptos ...
- Feb 7th 7:02 pm
"Fight Me," Keiser Says Over Digital Gold Argument  As BTC has continued to stumble, Max Keiser, a broadcaster at RT ...
Ethereum World News
- Feb 2nd 6:30 am
If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, there’s no better place to be than on Crypto Twitter. Crypto Twitter is where the burgeoning crypto community comes together to communicate, collide and commiserate on everything happening in the world of cryptocurrency. It’s where follower coun ...
- Feb 1st 2:07 pm
The Daily curates stories from the eclectic and often bizarre world of Bitcoin. Today’s roundup demonstrates just how varied that world can be, taking in The Daily curates stories from the eclectic and often bizarre world of Bitcoin. Today’s roundup demonstrates just how varied t
- Feb 1st 11:00 am
Billed as “A Peer-to-Peer Conference,” Bitcoin 2019 will be held at Pier 35 in San Francisco, California, hosted by BTC Inc., from June 25–26, 2019.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Jan 30th 9:30 pm
Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song is hosting a Brazillian BBQ event in London next week. The catch? Tickets cost $260, credit card only.
Crypto Briefing
- Jan 30th 5:26 pm
The crypto community is one interesting space that never runs out of drama. Given the nature of the industry, it’s understandable that every ...
- Jan 26th 7:59 am
Matt Corallo's BetterHash mining protocol is intended to significantly decrease the problems associated with mining pool centralization.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Jan 21st 8:50 pm
Chain Plus Korea – one of the most influential blockchain summit and conference.
- Jan 21st 8:44 pm
The question here is whether bitcoin mining is a single point of failure. Could a government or other authority control Bitcoin through controlling a single entity in mining? What would it actually take to “take over”? ...
Bitcoin Magazine
- Jan 21st 6:52 pm
In an interview posted on YouTube, Jimmy talks about the good things happening within the Bitcoin community. In his opinion, the crypto ...
- Jan 21st 5:30 pm
MimbleWimble is a protocol, much like Bitcoin's blockchain, with improved privacy features. Could it upend the cryptocurrency market in the near future? ...
- Jan 20th 7:15 pm
According to the latest cryptocurrency price prediction 2019 report by Finder. Bitcoin (BTC): Bearish in 2019, Stellar (XLM): The Money Maker of 2019, Cardano, Ether, XRP, and EOS: Good Growth Expected, Tron (TRX): Gonna Lose in “Altcoin Winter” ...
- Jan 18th 4:34 pm
Chain Plus Korea, one of the most influential blockchain summit and conference organized by Chainers and MTN (Money Today Network, the 3rd largest Economic Media Group) is about to open on January 23-24 2019 at the Seoul Dragon City in Seoul, with the prediction of 2,000+ audienc ...
BTC Manager
- Jan 17th 11:00 pm
Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song has pointed the finger towards recent Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests) protesters in Paris as an illustration of how big government mismanagement can be overcome by using the right tools, but not by violence. Song suggests that the missing tool, not yet b ...
- Jan 17th 5:18 am
Could XLM price hit $0.41 by end 2019? A recent report that aggregated price predictions from experts who see the price of Stellar climbing in 2019.
Invest In Blockchain
- Jan 16th 2:02 pm
Latest Stellar Lumens News By design, the crypto market is inherently volatile. That’s to say asset prices can swing by ...
Ethereum World News
- Jan 16th 12:30 pm
Some like Max Keiser says Bitcoin could be the resistance currency while others like Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin could be the internet currency. With the [...] ...
- Jan 16th 2:00 am
Bitcoin can be a tool for a 'peaceful revolution,' says developer Jimmy Song. "The biggest thing bitcoin brings is the decentralization of monetary power." ...
- Jan 15th 11:40 pm
"The thing that makes Bitcoin hard to get started on is the cryptography, and that's hard because the math is not familiar to developers." Fortunately, there are experts out there ready to help.
Bitcoin Magazine
- Jan 15th 10:14 pm
Jimmy Song
Jimmy Song
Blockchain Developer and Entrepreneur
Song is a prominent blockchain developer and entrepreneur. He is also an instructor at Programming Blockchain, which helps talented developers learn how to code for the blockchain platform. He is currently a developer at Paxos, a fintech blockchain startup focused on automating post-trade settlements.