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After a gripping episode in Frankfurt, World Blockchain Summit [WBS] will embark on its first ever edition in Amsterdam, expanding its footprints in the European continent. The month of November will bring to you the World Blockchain Summit’s debut into “The Venice of ...
- Nov 9th 11:00 am
HackIT 4.0 focused on blockchain security as the industry continues to grow amid constant threats of hacking and other cybercrimes.
Live Bitcoin News
- Oct 19th 10:30 am
Global losses from hacker attacks in 2018 amounted to $1.8 billion, which exceeds the amount of losses for the period from 2011 to 2017. A sizeable share of victims are investors and users in the field of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, the commercial value of which wil ...
BTC Manager
- Oct 17th 8:00 pm
Dinis Guarda
Dinis Guarda
CEO of IntelligentHQ and also the CEO of blockchain startup Humaniq
Dinis is the CEO of IntelligentHQ, a social business network. He is also the CEO of blockchain startup Humaniq, which aims to become a secure, decentralized banking solution for the 2 billion+ people in the world that don't yet have bank accounts. Guarda is a regular speaker at bitcoin-related conferences worldwide.