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A Medium user posted a Twitter analysis of the “100 Most Influential People in Crypto,” ranking the influencers on how vocal they are on bashing Bitcoin Cash. First posted in January 2018, the list provides a rare glimpse into how the who’s who of crypto feel ab ...
- Oct 30th 10:00 am
Ethereum [ETH] has been making news in the cryptocurrency space with various updates and developments in progress, according to the officials related to the organization. The cryptocurrency also made news when Vitalik Buterin, the Co-Founder of Ethereum elucidated on Ethereum 2.0 ...
- Oct 10th 3:28 pm
In the past three months, the usage metrics of Ethereum has revealed a rather surprising trend; a sharp increase in the number of empty blocks mined. According to Alex Svanevik, the Chief data scientist at CoinFi, this points at ‘spy mining’ as the overall block utili ...
- Oct 7th 9:00 am
Ansel Lindner
Ansel Lindner
Host of Bitcoin & Markets
Ansel is the host of Bitcoin & Markets, a podcast that examines markets and politics, money and economics. Lindner has been involved with Bitcoin since 2011, and founded his own firm, Blockchain I/O, to house his crypto projects. He also writes frequently for various news publications about blockchain and bitcoin.