Bitcoin Cash [BCH] developers introduce privacy-protecting lightweight protocol, Neutrino

- Mar 18th 4:00 pm

Bitcoin Cash [BCH], the cryptocurrency resultant of the Bitcoin fork, recently rode the bullish trend to post major gains in the coin market. Now, according to reports, the developers behind Bitcoin Cash full node bchd announced the beta release of a lightweight version of its wallet, Neutrino.

Chris Pacia and the entire team of Bchd full node developers announced the launch of Neutrino, despite crypto enthusiasts getting a whiff of the wallet back on 29 February, when Chris Pacia released a sneak peek on Twitter.

The light client protocol is claimed to be exceptionally fast, and is labeled as a privacy-preserving light wallet due to its use of client-side filtering. The technology makes sure that there is no leak in any user information during transactions through a third party service or clients.

Neutrino is based on the principle of Simplified Payment Verification [SPV] and allows users to store coins in a noncustodial manner. Moreover, the Neutrino protocol allowed other wallets to utilize the client in order to bolster the SPV experience.

One of the developers said,

“The way [client-side filtering] works is full nodes create a filter for each block in the chain — You can think of a filter as an ultra-compact representation of all of the transactions in the block — The nodes store these filters on disk along with the block. SPV wallets using Neutrino sync the full chain of headers like a normal SPV wallet, but they also download the filter for each block.”

The bchd developers later announced that other clients would need to be part of the SPV protocol if they wanted to utilize the neutrino protocol for their system.

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